10 Benefits of Microsoft 365 for Students and Teachers

Learning and teaching are unquestionably improved by modern technology. Because of technology’s significant role in the school, learners must access resources that promote innovation and uniqueness. Improved education results for students and increased teacher-student interaction are possible with Microsoft 365.

Thanks to Microsoft’s educational programs and technologies, students can create excellent plans for their future with the help of today’s technology. Microsoft applications included in the Office 365 suite contribute to a more robust learning program. 

If you’re one of the students who lose out on several opportunities, there are several benefits to using Microsoft 365 for your Education. Moreover, you may get Office 365 for free if you’re a student. So, it would be best if you did not worry about the expense of the Office. 

Let’s check out the benefits that Microsoft 365 can provide to learners and teachers and examine why you should consider making the transition to Office 365.

What is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-hosted program accessible as a service, generally known as Software as a Service (SaaS). Compared with traditional deployment techniques, the cloud is a broad concept incorporating several advantages and challenges. Any program may be hosted in the cloud and deployed and maintained by Microsoft’s data center in another location. 

Office 365 is a service that users may access from any Internet-connected device. Thus, Microsoft is offering the program not as a physical good but as a service.

Microsoft provides various subscription options for commercial, individual, and educational use. Office 365 is available at no cost if your institution subscribes to Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity suite. You may get a free copy by providing your school email address. 

Microsoft 365 For Education

Remote learning seems to be more significant today than ever before. Teachers, students, and employees should access their tools from school, home, or wherever they are. 

Microsoft 365 Education enables teachers to unleash their creativity, encourage collaboration, and deliver a simple and secure service in a single, cost-effective solution designed particularly for Education.

By establishing the systematic structure for built-in security and connectivity, the administration is streamlined, making it simple to update client software to reflect the most recent productivity and security improvements.

With a Microsoft 365 for Education subscription, you’ll have access to the full suite of online services, including email, file storage and collaboration, and virtual meetings, in addition to the Microsoft Office apps for PC and Mac.

What are the apps included? 

The Software included with Microsoft Office is one of the widely used and powerful available today. Strong integration with other Office 365 applications enables the creation of efficient and effective processes. Integration with cloud services makes collaboration and file sharing simpler and less stressful. 

The following are the applications that are utilized the most:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Exchange
  • Online
  • One Drive
  • OneNote
  • Publisher
  • Microsoft Access
  • Skype for Business
  • InfoPath
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams

What are the Top Benefits of Microsoft 365 for Students?

Files can access everywhere.

With Office 365, you can access your data from any location. With only internet access, you may access your files from any device. Managing your Office 365 files has now become possible from any mobile device. Students might benefit from this since they are no longer restricted to their homes or classrooms while completing their writing tasks.

Office 365 enables you to edit your documents and files anytime and anywhere. The convenience of Office 365 means that you can always revise your articles and presentations to fit current ideas or information. You don’t have to hold until you reach your home computer to provide ideas.

Cloud Storage for Students

With Office 365, you get seamless collaboration with Office Online. A PC with Office already installed is unnecessary for students. Enjoy Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Sway from any mobile device with Office 365. Since this version of Office is included in the Office 365 Education plan, it may be downloaded in its entirety by both students and teachers. Students get quick and simple access to Office 365’s many features at any time.

You may access Office 365 and your files from anywhere if you have Internet access. Documents can write on any device in the classroom and at home.

If students have an idea while they’re away from their desks, they may quickly and easily integrate it into their document, whether it’s a revised version of an essay or a PowerPoint slide.

Helpful in Group Projects

Previous versions of Office were not suitable for collaborating tasks. For group work, you’ll need the cability to work well with others and communicate well as a team. Office 365 has made collaborative work a breeze. There are a lot of helpful resources out there that may help you work together more effectively on group projects.

With these options, group members can put in time at their convenience. As a result, their project may benefit from the added structure made possible by these instruments. The teacher may also engage with notes and comments.

Modernize Learning

The modern teaching and learning practices and new ways to analyze the Curriculum made possible by Microsoft Office 365 benefit educators and students. It promotes students’ adoption of a growth mindset and development of future-proof skills needed to succeed in as-yet-unimagined workplaces. It uses cutting-edge tools and modern solutions to evaluate student progress. Teachers are the driving force behind today’s innovative educational strategies.

Teachers can help every student succeed in school by creating individualized plans for their Education. The Office 365 Education Revolution Framework includes students with tools for collaborative learning, Software, and professional growth to help in skills training.

Easy to communicate

With Office 365, Education has reached a new level. You can communicate with other students and even your teachers through Office 365. This feature lets you understand whenever you want. With Office 365, you can use instant messaging and video chat.

So, you’ll be able to take your knowledge to an entirely new level. One of the best things for students is that they can do this. With this feature, students can talk to their teachers whenever they want. With this feature, you can also talk to your colleagues.

Ease of Use

MS Office is one of the most widely used software suites globally. Since it has simple features, it allows users to easily and quickly accomplish their goals. It is impossible to make mistakes using Microsoft Office since the program has an extensive collection of user manuals and help documents accessible online and offline.

Create Portfolio

The OneNote tool in Office 365 makes it extremely simple for students to create an electronic portfolio. To make the ideal ePortfolio, you can draw on your original creative ideas. Text, video, music, and handwriting are all supported formats in OneNote. Students can employ their creative skills when creating their ePortfolios more easily.


Microsoft 365 has single sign-on and active monitoring features designed to keep students safe and secure while maintaining the confidentiality of their data. Also, it is not reasonable to imagine teachers having extensive cybersecurity knowledge.

Collaborate without boundaries

Microsoft Office 365 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote to create, share, and collaborate in real-time without worrying about your content being ruined.

Small groups can collaborate on their projects at different times of the day with the help of Office 365’s collaborative tools, offering them more structure. Teachers can engage by providing further feedback on student work by commenting on and making notes in the margins of submitted documents.

Intelligent Environment

Office 365 from Microsoft provides an intelligent learning environment that fosters creative collaboration among students, teachers, and school administrators in various learning settings. It makes it possible to operate in more environmentally friendly and efficient ways with energy, and it makes it possible to maintain the safety of learning communities by providing security measures that are more sensitive and appropriate. 

In addition, it assists administrators in managing the facilities more effectively to maximize learning while also reducing costs.

Final Thoughts

These were the most important reasons students should use Office 365. However, the price of updating Microsoft 365 is one reason learners aren’t doing it. Plans for Office 365 can be pricey for several students. But don’t bother since Microsoft gives students Office 365 away for free. You don’t have to do wrong to acquire a copy of Office 365. So, if you’re a student, you have the right to get Office 365 for free.

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