10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Office 365


Office 365 is a set of comprehensive, integrated solutions designed for small businesses. It is the ideal solution to many business problems that small-to-medium-sized business owners often experience. Since the initial release of the Internet, small businesses have competed with their major competitors. Small businesses, like these enterprises, can handle marketing, transactions, customer support, employee management, and other tasks.

Furthermore, with Office 365, users can rest assured that the most recent updates and security measures will always be accessible. Companies are always looking for innovative and efficient tools with add-on systems and solutions to meet business needs. The best part is that they use the same Microsoft Office interface that almost everyone who has worked in Business is familiar with.

In terms of productivity, Office 365 is one of the best tools your small business can use.


What is Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365, also known as Office 354, has been around for a while, helping individual users and businesses with everything they need. From documentation to teamwork.

It is a cloud-based productivity software tool that allows businesses and individual users to work from anywhere and anytime. The plan purchased contains popular Microsoft apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other collaboration tools.

Office 365 also includes online storage to keep data, and other files secure from online threats.

However, businesses that use Microsoft 365 are not required to maintain integrity or any technical aspects. Microsoft manages all IT concerns. Moreover, Microsoft protects against possible cybersecurity threats by providing the most recent updates to their software and giving managers control over their data security.


What Are The Plans That Are Available For Small Businesses?

For small businesses, there are three plans available: Basic, Standard, and Premium. For big corporations, they can request a quote. However, the three plans mentioned above are suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.

Let’s look at these plans to see which one will best fit your Business’s needs. 

Microsoft Office 365 Business Basic

  • Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Outlook have web and mobile versions.
  • Editing a single document in real-time with other team members
  • Email hosting and a personalized email domain
  • Schedule a meeting and share your schedule.
  • 1 TB of storage on OneDrive
  • Security against email spam
  • Restrict who can leave comments on, read, modify, or access data or files.
  • Teams, Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint, are all available.

Business Standard

  • All of the features of Business Basic
  • Microsoft Booking for clients or customers that want to book an appointment
  • The desktop version of Microsoft applications (PC and Mac) can install up to 5 PCs and Macs.
  • Publisher and Access

Business Premium

  • Premium Advanced threat protection includes all features.
  • Wipe data from stolen or lost devices.
  • Restriction on copying or storing corporate information
  • Intune and Azure Information Protection

Now that you’ve reviewed everything each plan has to offer, here are the ten reasons why small businesses should use Office 365. 


10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Office 365

1. Affordability

Many businesses already use some Microsoft Office product suite in some way. Office 365 for small businesses provides you with the complete package you need to handle email, calendars, files and documents, collaboration, and much more! 

The three subscription plans you can choose from based on your company’s growth and needs ensure that small and large businesses have a cost-effective option that provides the Office 365 essentials and benefits they need.

2. Compliance

The compliance features of Office 365 for small businesses will attract legal and human resources professionals. These ensure that employees meet federal, state, and local standards for their industry. Pharmaceutical firms, for example, will have features that prohibit off-label marketing, which is a severe offense. Those assigned the global administrator position in Office 365 can access the Security and Compliance portal. 

3. Always up-to-date

Things have changed since then, thanks to regular updates and improvements. Windows Update will update Office 365 across all systems – cloud and desktop – if a security flaw is found. Also, it was typical for the Business to continually add new features to their products. Most recent updates to Microsoft’s online services include both security patches and bug fixes. It is possible that as a small company, you are aware of some threats; Microsoft got you covered.

You will also receive the most up-to-date features for your Office apps. It offers updated features to provide businesses with the highest quality tools for their work.

4. SharePoint and Teams

The days of sending documents back and forth for version control are gone for good. Today, there is a single online shared document that can be updated in real-time by multiple parties. SharePoint Online offers 500 MB of RAM per user and is the industry standard for online document collaboration. 

Moreover, Microsoft Teams has rapidly become a center for teamwork and cooperation for many Office 365 users. It is often a key selling point for businesses to make a move to Office 365. With Teams, you can chat, video conference, and collaborate on projects from anywhere, regardless of time zone.

5. Cyber Security

The most compelling reason to choose Office 365 for small businesses is its focus on cybersecurity, including SSL/TSL encryption, anti-spam tools, and ISO 27001 certification. Managers can rest assured that their emails and documents are secure. Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) also warns users of associated viruses, spam, or malware and instantly sends emails to junk. Mobile device management is also an integrated option with an expanded add-on capability provided by Microsoft Intune.

Microsoft has issued new security guidance and put n -place threat intelligence in place. Microsoft sees COVID-19 themed campaigns, and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection stopped a massive phishing campaign in its tracks using a fake Office 365 sign-in page to steal credentials.

6. Storage and distribution of files

You can securely view, co-author, and share files with your team from anywhere, thanks to connectivity with cloud storage providers. The recently used documents list goes with you, enabling you to continue where you left off on any device. Using OneDrive for Business and a team site in tandem is one of the best methods to set up file storage and share your business. It is ideal for a small business with a few employees.

7. Easy to set up

Your Business doesn’t need IT skills to set up and install Office 365. You can add and remove users easily. The Microsoft Support team can offer telephone and online answers, how-to resources, and connections with other Office 365 users for setup and fast fixes if you need them.

8. You can work anywhere.

Office 365 mobile applications allow you to read and edit documents on the go while protecting your data and providing a consistent experience across devices. Each user can install Office on five PCs or Macs, five tablets (Windows, iPad, and Android), and five phones.

9. It will grow your Business.

Office 365 is a pay-for-what-you-get service. When your company expands, you can quickly pay for the extra services and data storage that you need. OneDrive for Business, the data storage part of the stack, provides a massive amount of space at a meager cost. You will never have to go through the hassle of purchasing a new hard drive for more storage space again.

10. Your apps in one place

One great feature of Office 365 is the ability to pick and choose whatever tools you want. Microsoft offers several excellent business applications frequently released in the Windows Store (many of which are free!). You can add them to your Office 365 home screen and access them all from one place.


Final Thoughts

In this new normal economy, businesses are looking for easy and effective ways to help their employees maintain business operations, and many are switching to remote work.

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses to create and manage complex teams across the world. Even you are a small organization of tens of thousands of teams, Microsoft’s collaboration tools encourage you to collaborate. Also, it can provide exceptional productivity while also providing excellent protection for your organization’s resources to your remote employees.

Moreover, Microsoft 365 can better support or shape your remote work teams than anyone else.

When it comes to all of your needs, whether for business, work, or school, there is always a Microsoft product to helps you meet your everyday needs. Check out here in Microsoft Softvire US today to see which Microsoft 365 Plans best works for your Business.

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