11 Surprising Marketing Techniques for Small Business Expansion

11 Surprising Marketing Techniques for Small Business Expansion



Did you know that an idea, product, or service is brought to the attention of a purchasing audience through marketing techniques? For industries to identify and attract customers interested in purchasing their products, marketers must focus on the desires and needs of consumers. Keep reading this article to learn more about the best ways to grow your small business.


How Do We Define Marketing Technique?

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The marketing technique is whatever you do to boost your business’s exposure and reputation and attract new clients. We’re not discussing how to complete sales once you’ve been presented with an opportunity; marketing methods are all about establishing those opportunities in the first place.

11 Surprising Marketing Techniques for Small Business Expansion

By implementing an effective digital marketing strategy, you can increase your brand’s visibility and draw in new customers. Continue reading to learn about 11 marketing techniques you can implement right away.

1. Email Marketing

This marketing technique is in charge of selling, educating, and building customer loyalty. The channel now has even more power over what gets distributed and how it’s distributed.

2. Sending Promotional Texts Through SMS

Customer service and sales can be improved by SMS marketing, which was developed to connect with its customers. Like many customers, as you can, communication is possible via SMS marketing and email marketing held in marketing channels. In some cases, they’re part of an ongoing campaign, while others are more limited in scope. Examples of the latter include welcome series and multi-day challenges.

 3. Influencer Marketing

Email subscribers active on social media can help you market your products and raise awareness of your growing business in a particular industry. In other words, they are influential members of a specific interest of a niche group, ideally the same niche interest group as your target demographic.

Anyone can be a powerful influence. It does not have to be a household name requesting the entirety of your marketing techniques with its budget for a single post. Consider the following individuals when determining which type of influences is best for your brand’s ethos:

  • Brand evangelists with a sizable following
  • Influence themselves to express their products on various platforms.
  • Experts in their fields
  • Co-hosts of the Entrepreneurs Podcast

4. SEO

If you own a small business, SEO can assist you in gaining new customers and growing your business by helping you develop a solid web presence and bypassing your competitors.

The following are the top five essential benefits of search engine optimization for small businesses:

  • Websites that are simple to use
  • Boost Customer Attraction
  •  Conversions Boosted
  •  Increase Awareness of the Brand
  • Eliminate Rivalry

5. Podcast

Thanks to the rise of podcasts, you can find thousands of business-related podcasts literally if you’re interested in learning how to start, grow, and run your own business. As businesses worldwide grapple with harsh realities, it’s clear that this type of content has a lot more clout these days. Because of the world’s current condition, billions of small business owners feel excluded and helpless.

Resilient business owners know how difficult it is to restore order amidst the chaos. Because of this list of podcasts, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite small business podcasts for entrepreneurs and small businesses. If you’re unsure what to listen to, these recommendations may help. These don’t place a high value on large or small business owners; instead, they consider more pertinent things.

6. Social Media Marketing

Businesses can now create media that incorporates audio, visual, text, and interactive elements. This kind of marketing technique allows a multi-media approach to reach a broader audience with a range of tastes. But keeping up with rapidly changing technology is more expensive and may necessitate the hiring of innovative strategists in the digital realm. Since an alternative to a television or radio ad or a print ad can now create media that incorporates audiovisual, textual, and interactive components.

  • Access to Improved Data

Businesses can now connect to their customers more quickly than before using digital media. Rather than printing inserts and waiting for sales to be announced in the Sunday newspaper, companies can now promote special offers via email, social media, websites, and Internet advertisements. In comparison, digital media outlets can spread both positive and negative information about a business. Before the advent of digital media, the company would have been able to clean up videos or even pictures that are the mess long before it became public.

  • A More Comprehensive Perspective

A simple giveaway or freebie can generate hundreds or thousands of social media followers and email and text message subscribers, enabling the business to communicate with these customers at a button. On the other hand, customers can share via digital media. Customers can use digital media to make a complaint that would typically be between you and spread it globally by posting negative comments on your Facebook page and other social networking sites such as Twitter and your blog.

  • Technology

Utilizing digital media necessitates incorporating new technology into creating and distributing content for your company’s progress. When you access digital media via mobile phones or laptops, you can benefit from other business areas. For instance, mobile technology simplifies employee communication significantly. On the other hand, new technology is expensive and does not always produce the desired results. According to “Information Week,” when the Internet first gained popularity, many businesses provided home computers to their employees in the hope that they would act as a positive influence for the company online. The program resulted in business and employee support and tax issues.

7. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is similar to performance marketing, proportional to the profit generated. It is a simple yet effective strategy for increasing sales that any small business can implement. Individuals and companies that link to the product earn a commission percentage when sold. Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective strategies for small businesses to achieve month after month growth.

Determine whether your competitors offer an affiliate program and the commission rates you should offer. Determine the success of such a program by examining its rates and visibility. If your rates outperform your competitors, the affiliate program may benefit your sales to attract and promote revenue-generating products. 


Learn more:

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer and Earn Money!


8. Google Ads

Google Ads can assist you in increasing your online presence. This is especially true if you are just getting started and have a brand new website.

Additionally, it enables you to pay for text or shopping advertisements on a search engine results page (SERP) for a specific keyword. These pay-per-click advertisements appear at the top of every Google search result and can be an excellent way to boost traffic if you’re just getting started or needing a boost.

It’s important to remember that search engine results aren’t limited to sponsored links. Organic search results are listed beneath Google Ads (SERP) on the search engine results page. Achieving organic search engine optimization’s highest position is the ultimate goal, but it takes time and effort.

9. Form Business Alliances

Working together is always more efficient than working alone, and pooling resources with another company allows you to complete tasks that would be impossible to achieve independently. Even if your clientele is not local, targeting local businesses is a good strategy because it benefits both companies.

Following are some examples of joint ventures:

  • A PPC firm and a CRO firm may collaborate on client referrals.
  • A coffee shop may offer customers of a plumbing company complimentary coffee vouchers.
  • A marketing firm and an accounting firm could collaborate to recommend one another’s services during the onboarding process for new clients.

The options indeed are limitless. Identify crossover between your audience and a non-audience competitor’s audience, and then develop a mutually beneficial strategy for capitalizing on that crossover.

10. Marketing Videos

By watching videos incorporating them into your marketing strategy. Consumers prefer watching videos to reading text by 60%, highlighting the importance of video in business marketing. Explained videos and instructional videos that showcase to use of packaging can help your product.
When creating brand videos, it is critical to keep them on target in terms of length to avoid viewers losing interest halfway through. According to a recent study, most online videos should be two minutes long due to internet users’ short attention spans. After this point, engagement drops precipitously, so marketers should keep their videos brief and concise.

11. Backup and Restore Information That’s Become Out of Date

This is not to say that something is irrelevant simply because it is old. Update existing content rather than deleting it to give it a new appearance. Creating new content takes more time and money than putting this strategy into action. In a relatively short time, you can boost your search ranking.

Your website’s material will go “stale.” The “freshness” score used by Google to rank web pages declines when information grows stale. By updating older content, you can boost your freshness score. That exists in optimizing your SEO to increase its traffic.



As a result, this same success of your business is dependent on just how you present this across numerous mediums. Even industries will struggle if you do not even give marketing techniques the attention it requires if you don’t use it. Even if it appears difficult at first, using marketing strategies to expand your business can be done. It’s up to your social media marketing strategy, which you can improve with the help of these hints, and Microsoft visual studio enterprise, to raise brand awareness and attract new customers.

In addition, Microsoft Softvire USA can assist you in deciding which products will help you create brand awareness and attract new clients.

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