digital marketing 2021 for beginners

2021 Digital Marketing For Beginners



You might feel overwhelmed with all the complex tactics and strategies in digital marketing amidst the pandemic. student 5752322 1920, Microsoft Softvire US

We understand the frustration. Evidently, we were once also naïve with the whats’ and hows’ marketing digitally.

There are a lot of things to learn about Digital marketing. However, they all follow the same principle for a business: charming prospects, building relationships, and making good deals that existing customers will enjoy and take action to.

Now, let us discover basic digital marketing skills for beginners. This article will talk about Digital marketing and its:

  • Definition
  • Benefits
  • Composition
  • Strategies



buying productsFirst, let us discuss what the definition of Digital marketing is. 

Digital marketing is the act of utilizing the internet to sell and promote different services and products. Presently, this is how businesses put their faces in the market during this pandemic era.

More imporantly, it is essential to know what platforms where you, as a beginner, can use for your digital marketing strategies. To showcase that, here is the list of places to run your digital marketing:

  • Business websites
  • Social Media platforms (FacebookInstagramLinkedin)
  • Search Engines
  • Digital agencies
  • Email
  • Advertising



Second, what are the things we can take advantage of for digital marketing?

The pandemic demanded a limited movement. For this reason, a sudden shift of marketer’s focus towards the internet has given a lot of benefits to the company and consumers through digital marketing. 

Clearly, digital marketing has an end goal to have a firm digital presence. Here are the benefits:


digital marketing buyingCreates an enormous reach of audience 

Surely, you will reach not only local market but also the whole world when you post your advertisement online. The internet is a diverse international community where you can widen the scope of the business you are rendering. Moreover, local markets have limited demands on the contrary the more diversified demands of the international market.



In addition to a broadened audience, the cost-effectivity of digital marketing is very significant when compared to conventional marketing. Also, overhead costs for traditional marketing in televisions, radios, and newspapers can make good leads, but the effectiveness of targeting the right audience is spot-on with digital marketing.


– Drafts analytical resultsanalytics 1925495 1920, Microsoft Softvire US

Analytical results mean the data regarding the performance of an advertisement online. The effectiveness of the ads can measure using this data. Leading to this, the results can make conclusions whether the strategies you are using are effective. Indeed, the analytical results are so vital to make improvements for each digital marketing step.


– Add more value to customers

Surely, companies providing services for before and after-sales become convenient online. As a result,the ads posted can easily be converted to sales with a quick interaction between sellers and buyers. 


The best way to strategize is to collaborate with a digital marketing team.

Suggested members of the team are the following:

  • Strategist – responsible for the overall running of ad strategies
  • Consultant – responsible for all suggestive actions and ideas to improve existing strategies 
  • SEO expert – responsible for formulation of keywords that would optimize the digital presence for the website’s contents. 
  • Link Builders – responsible for reaching out to other websites to build authority and exposure of contents of your website with others.
  • Content strategist – responsible for writing content inside or outside a website that would satisfy keywords formulated by SEO experts and rank at the top in the search engine. 
  • Copywriter – responsible for sales writing through different tools like emails, captions, social media posts, and many more related to sales writing.
  • Graphic designer
  • Web developer
  • Social media specialist
  • Photographer & Videographer

 Moreover, there are many effective collaboration tools available in the Softvire Global Market being used to strategize in digital marketing. Every tool should be maximized for its full potential. Collaboration gives everybody a chance to contribute their ideas to improve the digital marketing capability of your website.



A digital marketing strategy describes as steps that makes use of marketing channels on the internet to achievesales. Here are the ways to boost your digital presence:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

First, we will discuss how to optimize search engines. The primary goal of Search Engine Optimization is to rank at the top of the search engines (i.e, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more). Optimization means making your business visible in the search engine will help you traffic your website. Hence, being on top of the search engines will save the company costs for paid advertisements since potential customers can see what services you can offer while browsing your website. writing content

Additionally, an optimized website will give contents that are easily indexed by search engines. It is also a major key that when there is traffic to the website’s contents, SEO experts should make sure there is a good linking strategy where readers can maneuver inside the website using links in the contents.

Contents in the website should have cohesive sets of keywords so that whenever a user searches certain topics that can satisfy with your keywords, your website automatically will be on top of the search engine.



Secondly, Let us learn about the paid advertisements you can see when you are browsing. They are called Pay-per-click ads (PPC). The ads are usually found on top or sides of search engine results, the advertisements before Youtube videos, and the advertisements you see on your mobile apps.

 Moreover, Pay-per-click ads are only paid depending on the results. And you will only need to pay if people click your ads and navigate to your website. You can start spending a couple of dollars on this type of strategy and see the results. It should be pointed out that many good companies are willing to pay thousands of dollars to PPC ads and have multiple sales in return.

The cost of advertising your search results will depend on the volume of competition for your chosen keywords. In other words, high competition keywords are expensive. They are keywords that many websites are trying to be recognized with. And where users are looking for. While lower competition keywords will cost less.

When setting up a pay-per-click campaign, you have the choice of whether you want your ads to be available worldwide or only within a specific demographic area. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a type of strategy where you bring your business and all its offers to be available on social media platforms. The tools available in social media can navigate to your target customers using the advertising tools in the platform.

social mediaThere will be helpful tools available to schedule your posting. Several tools will also be available to analyze the performance of your advertisements. Analytical results are still vital in planning and strategizing in marketing.

The whole digital marketing team should be able to work together to bring out the company’s identity and vibe in social media. A a result, social media posts will have a consistent theme with all platforms the team is using.

In other words, social media marketing is not just using your Instagram or Facebook. It requires technical skills to utilize resources efficiently. Social Media marketing will also need a big collaborative effort from everyone in the company.

 Marketing will not be easy, but it is not impossible. There will be a lot of courses you can use to be an effective social media marketer. Use all the learnings to develop your digital marketing skills that can be applied to your company. Continually develop the skills and hone it with the different challenges that may come.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy where websites use articles to inform, persuade, and narrate pieces of information that will eventually relate to your company. content writing

The content should make your readers take action to become consumers of your products. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that content should add more value to customers rather than solely promoting the company. Besides, The reasons and advantages presented in the article will persuade readers to purchase. One single hint that the article is overly advertising the company, readers would lose interest and stop reading.

Also, other digital marketing campaigns should work hand in hand with content marketing. When writing content, writers should optimize the use of keywords. Keywords enable complete optimization of all the contents in the website to reach potential leads. On top of that, Using analytical tools to gain data about what users are searching on the internet will significantly refer what content the website should make. Different departments of the marketing team should collaborate so that the written content can also be used for emails, social media, and other publications.

 However, content marketing is a long-term strategy. In a period, content writers can compile information that can help readers find solutions to their problems. Interesting content will allow the website to have the traffic it wants to achieve. If several readers start using your website for solutions, they will recognize your website as a trusted place to purchase their needs.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is the use of sending out emails to promote your business. Mail Chimp, a leading American Email automation company, defines email marketing as a pivotal role in marketing strategy with lead generation, brand awareness, building relationships, or keeping customers engaged between purchases through different types of marketing amrketing email

Moreover, email marketing adds value to its customers and in time, makes audiences customers as you get to know what they really want. Email Marketers can write the fitting content to prospect receivers. Fitting content can improve click-through rates – receivers open and read the email.

There will be 2 points to consider in writing the content of the email.

  • Personalize the email – Have your headings and the body contain the recipient’s name. Furthermore, personalized emails will help them think that this email is not just spam but specifically made for them.
  • Have the tone of the message urgent – Make the content of your email sound that the purchase is urgent and that time is running out to avail of the service offered.



Learning the fundamentals of digital marketing will help in advancing technical knowledge in the field. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, learning will continue as long as technology is updating. Moreover, we just need to learn to adapt to changes and be more effective in marketing digitally as the time changes. And, never forget the fundamental knowledge that we just learned. 

Start your digital marketing journey- NOW!



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