22 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

22 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022




Now that 2021 has concluded, it’s time to consider marketing trends for 2022 and develop a strategy for the coming year. We began living in the new normal in 2021 and have been integrating the different changes brought about by 2020. Additionally, we currently live in a far more electronic culture than it was only a few years ago, and this tendency will only intensify. Are you curious about the online marketing trends that will dominate the year 2022?



Marketing Trends for 2022: A Strategy


1. The Metaverse Has Been Discovered

Metaverse news stories in 2021 included the renaming of Facebook’s parent company from Facebook to Meta. Since the metaverse is a virtual digital world where three-dimensional avatars can perform many of our everyday tasks. It also has a numerous companies, including Facebook and the South Korean government, are currently investigating this possibility. On the other hand, epic Games was a pioneer, hosting massive virtual events within their video game Fortnite.



2. Marketing that is centered on the individual

Marketing centered on the customer is giving way to marketing centered on the human being. In addition, we no longer regard our audience as mere clients but as participants in an increasingly personal relationship.

Begin by posing the following questions within your organization to establish a human-centric approach:

  • What are the abilities of the employees?
  • Do your business decisions have a positive or negative impact on the people in your immediate neighborhood?
  • Do you have any ideas on how you can make your coworkers’ lives better?



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3. Priority is given to User Privacy

Many people’s primary concern these days is digital privacy. We desire connectivity, but not at any expense. As a result, businesses have begun placing a premium on consumer privacy when developing their solutions. Also, Apple and Google have taken significant steps to limit cookie monitoring, and we anticipate that user data privacy will become an increasing priority in the future years.



4. Programmatic Advertising’s Expansion

Programmatic advertising has grown in popularity and profitability as a brand strategy.  Also Amazon entered the programmatic advertising business in 2018 and joined Google and Facebook as significant participants in the online advertising field. However, the big news in recent years has been the entry of significant US firms into this sector, such as Walmart or CVS pharmacy, with their programmatic solutions. Without question, this is one of the most promising digital marketing trends for the next few years.



5. Account-Based Marketing: IP-Based Distribution of Segmented Content

You’ve probably heard of this marketing trend if you work in B2B marketing. On the other hand, Account-based marketing combines real-time ad buying with IP-based identification to provide an exact real-time marketing method. As a result of their limited reach, the resulting campaigns are low-budget. They do, however, connect you with the precise target market need you need. The material is segregated by IP address to ensure that specialists only see it at the companies you are interested in.

These are the three primary purposes for which it is employed:

  1. First and foremost, ABM offers a lot of potential for growth in customer acquisition.
  2. Hence, make a list of the businesses you wish to contact and produce content tailored to each.
  3. Furthermore, if you need to nurture existing clients, you can utilize ABM to display facilitating information on your website, rather than just email campaigns.


Expansion: after you’ve established contacts within a firm, ABM may be an excellent tool for expanding your business across departments and divisions.



6. Now More Than Ever, Inbound Marketing Is Critical

According to Hubspot’s Not Another State of Marketing Report 2021, inbound marketing is the second-most-invested-in marketing trend by marketers by 2022, after the short-form video. Indeed, over 80% of marketers intend to retain or expand their inbound marketing investment.

Additionally, it’s worth noting how inbound marketing has evolved over the last few years. Although it’s fundamental assumption (attract users rather than directly target them) has not changed. Still, we have shifted from viewing the customer experience as a conversion funnel to a flywheel, in which the various phases feed off one another.


7. Workflows That Are Event-Driven

Historically, email marketing workflows consisted of emails that began when the user met a set of criteria and continued with periodic communications. By contrast, with event-focused workflows, you begin with an event (for example, a webinar organized by a brand) and arrange to precede and follow emails to reinforce attendance and engagement with the content.



8. Automation of  Mobile Marketing

It’s no longer enough to add mobile to marketing campaigns; a “mobile-first” strategy must be used. For your marketing plan in 2022, don’t forget to use a mobile marketing automation strategy that gathers information about your audience (like their location, browsing habits, and device type) to make automatic content streams (SMS updates, push messages, discount coupons, etc.).



9. The Behavior-Based Internet

We’ve progressed beyond the internet of things to the internet of behaviors. In order to develop and promote new opportunities, the internet of behaviors collects and interprets data on how people behave when they use a particular technology. Consequently, you may enhance the user experience and promote products and services that your audience truly values.




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10. How to Sell Using Chatbots and Live Chat

Chatbots and live chat are becoming increasingly prevalent in sales and lead-generating procedures. According to ReveChat, 79% of businesses report that incorporating a chatbot boosted their outcomes. In other words, this tool’s benefits are that it speeds up the lead-generating process, enables tracking and personalized offers, and assists in identifying pain areas along the customer journey.



11. Automating Sales

Marketing automation, which includes sales processes, is rapidly becoming a must-have for businesses of all sizes. Up to 30% of a sales team’s tasks can be automated, according to McKinsey. Automation is used in business for many reasons.

  • Send success stories to potential clients.
  • Create special discounts for carts that have been abandoned.
  • Distribute tasks among team members.
  • Agents should be assigned leads.
  • Create sales flowcharts that include contact information and pending charges.




Social Media Marketing Trends for 2022


12. YouTube Gaming 

YouTube has updated its streaming platform to make it more appealing to the gaming community in the wake of everybody’s success. Several of the most significant changes include the following:

  • New revenue models for creators
  • Subscriptions with a range of payment options.
  • Subscriptions may be distributed.



13. Caffeine: Broadcasters’ New Social Network

Caffeine is a live-streaming social network ideal for gamers and other content creators. And it has also a primary advantages are its simplicity (the creators claim that you can begin uploading content in as little as 15 seconds) and social features, distinguishing it from other streaming platforms such as Twitch or YouTube Gaming.



14. Social Ads: Increased CPC and Consistent CTR

The cost of social media ads has increased in the last two years as the economy and society, in general, have accelerated their digitization. According to Emplifi’s State of Social Media and Customer Experience Q2 2021 study, the overall cost of social advertisements increased by 85.1% in the second quarter of 2021.


This means that we are under much greater pressure to maximize our budgets for marketers. Fortunately, the CTRs for Facebook Ads have remained stable, implying a positive ROAS.



15. Increased Branded Content Visibility on Instagram

Instagram has long been one of the most popular platforms for influencer and brand collaborations. Influencers must disclose brand collaborations to their followers to promote transparency. Instagram has now added new tools for tagging promoted posts.




Google’s Marketing Trends for 2022: What’s New?


16. Google Web Stories

We’ve become accustomed to seeing the Stories format on various social media platforms in recent years, including Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. Also, this type of content is now making its way into the world of search engine optimization. Similar to Instagram Stories, Google Web Stories promotes websites. Web Stories will appear in Google’s search results and on Google Discover, the company’s content discovery platform.



17. Position zero on Google

The world of search engine optimization has shifted dramatically: the most desired position in Google search results is no longer first but zero. One of the most visible results in Google is the featured snippet in position zero. It typically includes a portion of the content, a URL, and occasionally an image. Lots of views and clicks, so optimize it! If you want to be in position zero, you should present your content as FAQs and include structured data on your website.



18. The End of Expanded Advertisements and the Birth of Adaptive Advertisements

Google has announced that as of June 30, 2022, it will be impossible to create expanded ads in Google Ads. To show results to as many people as possible, adaptive ads will replace static ads.. This format enables the combination of up to 15 distinct titles and four distinct descriptions.



19. Attribution Model Based on Data

Choosing the right attribution model is critical when planning your PPC strategy. As a result, it’s critical to remember that Google Ads’ default attribution model will transition from the last click to data-driven attribution in 2022. Rather than applying the same pattern to all conversions, this model considers a variety of signals to distribute the value of transformation across multiple touchpoints.




Other Developments in Marketing for 2022


20. Using User-Generated Content in Email Marketing

User-generated content is a goldmine for brands because it enhances social proof. Also, when prospective customers see how much other people enjoy our products, it is easier for them to convert. Contrary to popular belief, user-generated content does not always originate from social media. Indeed, one of the marketing trends for 2022 is to include this type of content in emails to encourage conversions.



21. Ingenuity in 3D Outdoor Advertising

Digital marketing trends have reached the streets through new 3D creatives on billboards. For a year, 3D artists had to use LED screens. For other reasons, spectacular actions like the new Volkswagen campaign or The Walking Dead advertisement in Madrid’s Plaza de Callao can surprise passers-by while generating interaction and brand awareness.


22. The 5G Revolution and Over-the-Top (OTT) Platforms

5G is a technological advancement that enables higher connectivity, faster data transfer, and decreased latency. According to a Nevion survey, 82% of broadcasters believe it will eventually supplant digital terrestrial or satellite distribution.


The transition to 5G creates a slew of new opportunities for over-the-top (OTT) platforms such as Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime, which connectivity constraints will no longer constrain. This is also an exciting development for marketers because it will enable new augmented and virtual reality applications free of existing limitations.




How Microsoft 365 Business Basic vs Standard is helpful in Digital Marketing Trends this 2022?

office365 guy cd61c625b0a58602fe55a1c1c8f26f2b7439914f3f6fe131e6ba45b8dd6f932e, Microsoft Softvire US
Image From LeaderSSL

When you consider moving to the cloud, most organizations address security as a primary concern. In addition to Mobile Device Management, Microsoft has introduced other main security features into its Office 365 series.


With the advent of the cloud, businesses gained unprecedented access to data. We have the computing and storage resources necessary to collect, store, and analyze massive amounts of data, which enables businesses to react quickly to forces beyond their control. As a result of this dynamic, and in light of recent global events, two trends have emerged to improve digital marketing trends that can assist your business in achieving success through its developer.




Therefore, new technologies and trends enter the market each year, and marketers must stay current to execute marketing strategies effectively. Since digital trends have improved this capability, digital marketing is an ever-changing industry that adapts to changing consumer demands. Your marketing strategy should be unique and creative in light of the industry’s changes.


If you want to consider marketing trends for 2022 and develop a strategy, you’ll need software that enables you to accomplish more. Microsoft Softvire USA can provide additional information.


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