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Working Remotely using Microsoft tools – A Quick Review Guide in 2021


working remotely using microsoft toolsYou might be wondering why users working remotely are using Microsoft tools. Well, you are in the right article to learn the reason and utilize it also. This article is a review of existing Microsoft tools that people continue to patronize while working remotely. In addition, I will also be telling you the reason behind each innovation to understand the use of every tool better.

Let’s get started.


First, Microsoft has innovated a tool to access a working desktop remotely. They have released a software application called Azure Virtual Desktop.

This software application runs in a cloud-based server to function as desktop and app virtualization. In other words, this is your working computer on the internet. The software can be utilized in any devices, including MacOS, IOs, Windows, and Android. Users can run apps to any modern browser. Hence, working remotely using this Microsoft tool will make you productive anywhere.

Virtual desktop
Image from IT Pro today

The main reason why this product was introduced is to enable central management security in working desktops is. The software application also saves you from I.T. management overhead. In simple terms, this is the most secure way to protect business operations from cyber threats and viruses and saves expenses the company for additional expenses for different problems in conventional set up of computers.

The software works separate your apps, data, and operating system in the actual hardware you are using. Instead, they are run in a remote server, thus separating your working environment and personal environment. Virtual desktops reduce leaving confidential information in personal devices unsecured.

Indeed, Azure Virtual desktop gives users working remotely using the Microsoft tools an advantage of productivity amidst the challenging times.


  Next is the Microsoft Teams app. The software is the ultimate collaboration tool. Moreover, this great addition to users working remotely using Microsoft tools. To show you the function of the apps, the following features are available:Microsoft teams

  • Chatbox – Users will be able to send instant messages to one another or to a group. The feature will help reduce messy email and files exchanges. Group chats can help focus on tasks designated to a specific team or member.
  • Conference Calls – The user will be able to conduct conference calls. Be able to share your screen with anyone in the conference for all to see your presentations. In addition, this feature can hold up to 20,000 users at a time
  • Calls– Individual calls are also available to cater private communications.
  • Collaboration -Lastly and arguably the most essential feature of this app is its collaboration function. Users can use Microsoft apps and are able to collaborate with each other. Create, edit and exchange files in real-time using this app

The Microsoft Teams application is the best tool for users to thrive the demands of the new normal. New normal means shifting all productive works remotely. The demand to collaborate is rising to achieve the results we always want.


Inevitably, Microsoft has come up with the perfect hardware device for making your remote working experience dynamic. The Microsoft Surface tools are series of touchscreen-based personal computers and interactive whiteboards. The device was proactively designed and developed by Microsoft to runs in the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Device is one of the devices now available in the market. The device has a combined function of a tablet and an ultrabook. The specifications for the device are as follows:

  • 10th Generation Intel Core processors Surface pro 7
  • 12.3″ Touch-Screen with a Surface pen. The screen also auto-adjust to suit lighting conditions
  • A memory of 4 to 16 GB RAM
  • Weight of 1.7 pounds
  • Switch from a tablet to laptop with a built-in Kickstand and removable Type Cover.

Notice how Microsoft has provided users working remotely to accomplish tasks with light-in-weight devices but heavy functions to cater to any complex tasks. All Microsoft surface tools are easy to carry but have all the functionality to be productive. These devices are some of the hardware of the Microsoft tools you can work with anywhere.


Another genius innovation that Microsoft has come up is the ability to collaborate on time. Dynamics 365 Remote Assist is a software application that will enable the users to walk on-site without being on the location by using annotations, video tools, and screenshots. The move greatly reduces travel costs when asking for assistance with experts and technicians and solves any problem at the earliest time.

Remote assistance
Image taken from Microsoft

In simple terms, Dynamics 365 Remote Assist will effectively enable users from end to end of the collaboration to see what is happening on-site with the use of mobile devices or the use of Microsoft’s Holo lens. The user will only need to point out the device to where you need assistance. Then, the other end of the call can point out which ones to tinker with using tools provided by the software.

In an instance, staff from the Imperial College Healthcare NHS doctors were utilizing Dynamics 365 Remote Assist with HoloLens to work in real-time within the hospital staff, team up with experts and fellow doctors worldwide. The use of tools helped the hospital by treating very ill patients while limiting exposure to the virus. The remote work assistance also saved them the costs for PPEs and workforce.

Assisting virtually has never been this easy. The ability to pinpoint locations accurately even when you are from a distance is why users working remotely use this Microsoft tool.


Lastly, one of the primary goals of Microsoft is to secure your work from any threats of unauthorized access, hacks, and viruses. Microsoft Zero Trust was introduced to cater to the security demands of users working remotely. They are continuously improving the security stack of users for a better remote working experience.

The overall benefits you will be able to get with the software are; Microsoft Remote Security

  • Protection of identities and management of access
  • Protect confidential data
  • Secure all apps and resources
  • Distinguish risk and preventive actions

In simple terms, the application’s security architecture is always to verify any movement or access to any system. Microsoft will initiate the following steps:

Once you want to access the Microsoft resources, the security system will check;

  • Location of access
  • Device used
  • User details
  • Risk
  • Exceptions

After factors are satisfactorily checked, you will be granted access to the resources. There will be frequent validation each access to make sure that the access is authorized.

However, if the access is denied. The system will find preventive actions to block the access and protect the system from threats.


Learning the Microsoft tools mentioned above will ultimately help working remotely. The continual patronization of users results from Microsoft investing a lot of effort to make the world a better place to live in any challenges that may come. Taking advantage of these advancements will surely make your work productive and secure from any hostilities amidst the demands of this pandemic.



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