Best Analytics Tools to Expect in 2022

Best Mobile App Analytics Tools to Expect in 2022



Mobile analytics tools for your app can be overwhelming. After all, there are already a plethora of merchants on the market, with new ones being introduced regularly! According to a Harvard Business Recap study, “businesses that combine many sources of customer and marketing data beat other enterprises by a large margin.” Additionally, they received significantly larger total shareholder returns.

It’s time to evaluate the most effective mobile app analytics tools and platforms currently available on the market. We perform thorough research to compile a list of the top eleven tools for your consideration.



All About Mobile Analytics?

Mobile analytics collects data from apps and websites to identify unique users, track their journeys, record their activities, and report their success. As with traditional web analytics, mobile analytics enhances conversions and is necessary for creating world-class mobile experiences.


Commercial Benefits of Mobile Analytics?

Thanks to mobile analytics, businesses now have unprecedented access to the traditionally private lives of app users. Typically, analytics is accomplished by software that collects, stores, and analyzes data from a business’s existing websites and applications. This information is critical to marketing, sales, and product management teams since it enables them to make more educated decisions. Businesses are abandoned in the dark without a mobile analytics solution. Because they have no idea what people are interested in, who they are, why they visit or leave the site or app. According to Gartner, companies in this circumstance must rely on intuition or domain experience and frequently underperform their counterparts.


Benefits of Implementing Mobile Analytics?

In 2015, smartphone usage exceeded desktop usage, and smartphones are increasingly becoming the primary internet portal for consumers. So consumer media consumption and screen time are dominated by mobile devices at 70%, with mobile applications accounting for the majority of that time. Therefore, It is a fantastic way for businesses to communicate with their customers, but it is also competitive. The biggest app stores offer around 6.5 million apps, millions of online apps, and over a billion websites. Businesses employ mobile analytics tools to get a competitive edge while creating unique mobile experiences.

Additionally, mobile analytics tools can provide organizations with a competitive edge in the advertising space. According to eMarketer, mobile advertising now accounts for almost 70% of total digital advertising revenue ($135 billion) and increases. As more companies compete for customers on mobile, teams must gain a complete understanding of how their advertising works and if app users who interact with advertisements make a purchase.


Advantages of Mobile Analytics Tools?

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App analytics tools can assist you in gaining a better understanding of how your app’s users interact with it and modify the app journey to achieve your objectives. On the one hand, you want to monitor your marketing efforts and advertising expenditures; on the other hand, you want to examine and evaluate user behaviour. The following tools will assist you in determining the following:

  • What are the most popular features in my application?
  • Who are the active and inactive users on my system?
  • How are my upgrade rates now performing, and why are they increasing or decreasing?
  • What factors influence long-term retention and engagement?
  • Which of my marketing channels possesses the most significant influence?

As a result, using app analytics tools can help you increase ROI by better understanding your app customers and developing data-driven strategies based on past successes and failures. Identify, segment, and target your audiences with customized strategies to provide them with what they want or need. Determine which acquisition channels are genuinely effective for you.



List of Best Mobile Analytics tools


Firebase by Google

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Google’s Firebase is a cross-platform mobile app analytics solution for Android and iOS. It not only examines your program but also serves as the cornerstone for its development. It provides tools for building “serverless” applications, analyzing their performance (through Crashlytics), and enhancing user engagement (via A/B testing and messaging). Numerous connectors are available, such as those for Google Ads, Data Studio, Slack, and Jira. Lyft, Trivago, and Duolingo all use it. Ad monitoring, ad revenue, crash reporting, and in-app analytics are just a few of the features.


App Analytics by Apple

Apple App Stats is a free tool that enables you to analyze the stats for your iOS application (store). Performance in the app store, app engagement and usage, marketing efforts, subscriptions, and sales trends are all trackable. Therefore, part of the Apple Developer Program requires no App Store Connect setup. Payments and financial information are all accessible, as are app analytics, sales, and trends.



Allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your consumers and their behaviour. It allows you to make better marketing product decisions that increase conversion, retention, and lifetime value. It simplifies the process of app marketing by consolidating all data into a single, easy-to-use interface. You can do market research on trends, cohorts, in-app behaviours, and average user lifetime value (LTV). Additionally, it includes Fraud Protection Suite, which protects your app from illicit activities and is compatible with Cordova, Android, iOS, and Windows. Event tracking, cohort analysis, real-time data, audience segmentation, ad tracking, dashboard customization, and CSV export features.



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AppsFlyer is a platform for mobile app attribution and analytics. It collects data on various in-app actions, app engagement, and ad spending from various media sources. Additionally, it has Fraud Protection and Deep Linking. It is used by Nike, TikTok, eBay, and Pinterest, among others. So the features are lifetime value and return on investment reporting, rich in-app events, ad revenue attribution. Impressions and cost reporting, multi-channel measurement, and uninstall attribution.



An app analytics and marketing tool, AppMetrica allows you to analyze all of your app’s data in one place. Therefore, it includes device-specific data, cohort analysis at the granular level, and the ability to drill down into individual users’ historical data for a more detailed look and to develop customer profiles. Among the features available are crash and error reporting, an API, product analytics, install attribution, push campaigns, and crash and error reporting.



GameAnalytics is a free app analytics solution designed specifically for gaming applications. So it includes game-specific optimization and a portfolio overview, enabling you to maintain consistency across your products. Additionally, it has the option to monetize the app through affiliate marketing. Features: Metrics tracking, error reporting, dashboards, mobile apps, specialized events, and multi-dimensional filtering are all available.



Flurry is a free mobile analytics tool for iOS and Android established in 2008. It enables you to track funnel installs and sessions in addition to performing on-demand funnel analysis. Crash reports may assist you in identifying problems with your program. McDonald’s, Rovio, Samsung, and Ubisoft are among the companies that use them.

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Reporting and Analysis of Crash Events, User Segmentation and Journeys Analyses of the funnel and audience, raw data export, user segmentation, and journeys.



Kochava, in addition to its other offerings, provides free app analytics. Deep linking, campaign measurement, and attribution are all covered to assist you in evaluating and optimizing your efforts. It is compatible with over 4,500 networks, digital signal processors, and other systems. Features: A/B/n Testing, Smart Session Tracking, Global Fraud Blocklist, Detailed Reports, Real-Time Analytics, A/B/n Testing



Singular is an analytics and attribution platform with a focus on mobile attribution. It enables you to obtain a holistic perspective of your marketing’s impact, as well as fraud prevention and the combination of attribution and cost aggregation. Singular is utilized by companies such as Doordash, Linked In, and Airbnb. Mobile Attribution, Marketing ETL, Cost Aggregation, Marketing Analytics, Ad Monetization, Fraud Prevention, Creative Analytics, and SKAdNetwork are just a few of the features.



UXcam is a user experience analysis tool that records user sessions. Therefore, it enables you to do a comprehensive study of the user journey while also monitoring how people interact with your application. Additionally, utilize heatmaps to detect which elements are most and least frequently used. Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, and all use it. So session recording, user analytics, heatmap and screen analytics, funnel and event analytics, issue analytics, and third-party integrations are included among the features.



CleverTap is an intelligent marketing platform that combines real-time customer data, a segmentation engine, and the ability to communicate with customers. It specializes in travel and transportation, banking and technology, e-commerce, food technology, and media and entertainment. Among others, it is used by Disney+ Hotstar, Boost, SonyLIV, Movie, and Carousell.



The segment is a customer data platform designed to meet the needs of application developers. Therefore, it integrates with various analytics systems such as AppsFlyer, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Stripe to combine data from several sources. Therefore, It is used by firms such as Houseparty, Instacart, and Betterment to differentiate between marketing, product, and engineering solutions.

Among the features are functions, warehouses, privacy, and GDPR compliance.



The county is a product analytics platform that offers mobile app analytics and marketing solutions and web, desktop, and Internet of Things (IoT) analytics. By integrating their SDK into your app, you may measure real-time data such as active users, in-app time, and user location. Additionally, it includes a Plugin Marketplace, where you can download plugins for User Profiles. Advanced Segmentation, Behavioral Cohorts, Automated Push, Remote Configuration, A/B Testing, and Crash Analytics.

The features are revenue analytics, retroactive funnels, County Drill (advanced segmentation), and push alerts with deep linking.



Leanplum is a multi-channel customer engagement platform for mobile apps that places a premium on long-term relationships. So on the one hand, it lets you engage with your customers via targeted campaigns at the proper time and through the appropriate channel. On the other hand, you may optimize your efforts through A/B testing and data analysis. Among the features are A/B Testing, Camping Orchestration, Engagement Channels, Push Notifications, Profiles & Audiences, and Reporting & Analytics.



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Mixpanel is a product analytics platform that focuses on the collection of various types of data. Therefore, it supports you in understanding the most popular features, who your key users are, and what type of user behaviour results in long-term retention. It is no code, which means it does not need any code to track app metrics. Uber, Skyscanner, and Rakuten Viber are among the companies that use Mixpanel.

One might choose from data integration and management to scalable infrastructure.



Upsight is a business-focused analytics tool that enables you to analyze and manage your user experience across all channels. Additionally, the tool automates marketing campaigns, optimizes ads, and sends push notifications. Among the features accessible are Custom Dashboards, DataMine, Metric Explorer, Interesting Segment Finder, and Personalized Metrics.



In Conclusion

The sort of application you have, the metrics you wish to track, and your budget impact the analytics solution that is right for you. Consider an analytics system optimized for the gaming experience if, for example, you have a gaming application. Additionally, you can employ a combination of technologies to solve specific objectives. Such as App Radar for market research and app store performance and Adjust for mobile ad fraud and attribution. Apart from mobile application analytics tools, you can visit Microsoft Softvire USA to determine whether your Microsoft wishlist has been fulfilled.


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