Best Operating System For Gaming in 2022

New and innovative games and gaming consoles develop by leaps and bounds every year. The ideal gaming operating system can help you experience all your favored games precisely as designed by the creators. So which OS is ideal for gaming?

Nowadays, an operating system is an essential element of any hardware setup. But, not all operating systems are made equal; some excel at activities and have different purposes.

Which one of these operating systems is the most suitable for gaming? The goal of this article is to provide a review of the best-operating systems for gaming

But before, let’s start by analyzing the tasks that an operating system is responsible for.

What is an Operating System? 

The operating system (OS) enables users to conduct basic computer operations. It oversees all software and peripheral devices and seeks memory or storage from the central processing unit (CPU). It also allows a device to perform many apps continuously.

Operating systems are required for all desktops, laptops, tablets, cellphones, and servers. Developers can use particular operating systems that are more favorable to coding and app development, but the typical worker will usually use a technology platform for daily tasks.

Every software requires an operating system to function. The OS enhances computer use, from writing documents to playing games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. And if you have the most up-to-date and powerful hardware, you won’t be able to get anything done on your computer if the operating system isn’t optimized.

Now, let’s talk about what to look for in a gaming computer and what operating systems are now the most popular.

10 Factors When Purchasing a Gaming Computer


First, consider the budget you are prepared to spend on your gaming PC. After you’ve decided on a total amount, it’s much simpler to select what components should include and which ones to keep out.

For those with a budget of less than a thousand dollars, it may be best to forego purchasing a computer with a dual GPU. A solid understanding of your budget will help you zero in on a reasonable choice of PC models.


The amount of storage space available on a PC is also significant. Your data, including the operating system, applications, and files, is stored here. HDD and SSD are the two primary storage options.

The typical type of storage is the HDD or hard disk drive. It is slower than SSD, but it is less expensive. SSD drives are new and faster, but they are more pricey. SSD is the place to go if you can buy it. However, an HDD is still viable if you’re on a tight budget.


The CPU is a crucial consideration when purchasing any PC. It is the computer’s heart and dictates how fast it will be. The most significant feature of a CPU is its clock speed, measured in gigahertz (GHz). The quicker your computer, the higher the clock speed. You should also consider the processor’s number of cores.

Nowadays, a dual-core CPU is the bare need, but an octa-core or quad-core processor will give you even faster performance. The number of threads on the CPU is another crucial factor to consider. It gauges the processor’s concurrent task handling capacity, which is essential for multitasking.

Graphic Cards

The computer’s graphics card is also crucial. This component performs graphics processing and is crucial for games and multimedia applications. The number of cores, clock speed, and bandwidth of a graphics card should all be considered when making a purchase.

The card’s multitasking ability is directly proportional to the number of jobs it can process in parallel, so the number of cores is essential. Faster cards have more incredible clock speeds and more extensive data transfer capacities. Also, check that the card can use with your chosen display(s).

Memory leaks

Memory leaks are a problem identified in a few different operating systems. Because of this, you should prioritize choosing an operating system that does not experience memory leaks.

A leak occurs when a specific process demands a certain amount of memory for temporary storage but doesn’t immediately release it. Till the process is done, the requested memory chunk is deemed inaccessible. A single process can get thousands of requests, which would put a heavy burden on the available memory.


Memory is also important to the computer’s CPU when making a purchase. The word “RAM” refers to the random access memory used by your computer to store data permanently. The more random access memory (RAM) your computer has, the more data it can retain in memory at once, which in turn makes it operate more quickly.

Nowadays, most laptops have at least 4GB of RAM, while 8GB or 16GB is preferable. You’ll need even more RAM if you’d like to multitask often or play video games. Also, keep in mind that not every RAM is made equal. If you have the money, choose DDR4 RAM over DDR3 RAM since it is more latest and speedier.


If you’re looking to purchase a pre-assembled PC, your only real options are the number of USB ports and the operating system. Likewise, if you’re concerned about the case’s noise levels, be sure it has a solid cooling system.

If you are putting together a personal computer, check that the central processing unit and the graphics card you want to use are suitable for the motherboard.

Cost and Support

There is always a limit to one’s spending power. The price and availability of help from the OS’s developer are two significant considerations. An alternative operating system (OS) that is either free or much less expensive might also do the job.

When selecting a new computer, various hardware components must be considered. Therefore, if you save money on the operating system, you may also spend more on more robust hardware.


You may choose from a wide selection of premium gaming mouse and keyboards on the market based on your preferences. Despite the that there are several excellent wireless keyboards, their price might be overwhelming. Choose a high-quality tethered keyboard and mouse instead.


Stability and robustness are two of the most crucial features of an effective operating system. You must choose an operating system that can manage all of its operations without crashing. You’ll be forced to restart the computer regularly with an unreliable operating system. 

Don’t be deceived by attractive ads if you want to know which operating system is best. Instead, you should listen to the recommendations of the developer. Also, talking to others who use the same OS will help you gain some good tips.

Keep these things in mind while searching for a new computer to help you choose the right one. Because of the wide variety of excellent options, you can easily choose the ideal personal computer. Investing time and effort into finding the right equipment can pay you in the long run.

Best Operating System for Gaming

Windows 10 

Since Windows 10 is the most recent release, it will continue to get updates and be protected against cyber threats eternally.

Windows has been available to consumers for 35 years, which explains why it continues to be the most popular choice. It is simple to use, works with both new and older computers, has regular updates, and has robust security measures.

Because of its popularity and significant market share, several software development businesses, particularly video game creators, ensure that their product is ready for Windows once launching it on any other operating system.

Windows 10 is a massive advancement over previous versions of the Windows operating system, and also it is one of the best pieces of Microsoft software released after Windows XP. It’s becoming increasingly likely that Windows 10 will remain the standard Microsoft OS for the next decade.


Even though Linux is not a single OS but rather a collection of systems built on the Linux kernel, it is worth considering as an option gaming OS. Linux is popular due to its open-source nature and low entry barrier, but its complexity means only power users need to apply. Ubuntu, SteamOS, and Debian are just a few examples of the Linux-based OS alternatives available to you; each has its own set of features and benefits.

Games’ performance on Linux may sometimes be poor. It’s very dependent on the specifics of your hardware and Linux distribution. However, in most cases, a Windows device will always exceed a Linux device in gaming metrics such as frame rate and visual quality when running the same game on equivalent devices. Due to this, Linux players may have technical challenges, mainly while playing high-fidelity games.

Compared to Windows, Linux’s gaming choices are fairly limited. Many games can play on Linux, but you’ll need different supplementary applications and packages to allow some titles to work and third-party drivers for the hardware, such as your GPU.


Macs, MacBooks, and other Mac computers run on this operating system. Recently, it has been known that no self-respecting gamer will ever select a macOS-powered Apple product over a Windows PC or Linux-based option for playing video games.

Changing is continuous, and macOS is now much more suitable for gamers. It provides a superb user experience, rising levels of compatibility, and outstanding security. However, some issues with Mac gaming keep it from being the ideal OS for this purpose.

MacOS has earned recognition for being a powerful, flexible platform suitable for various applications, including word processing and video editing. Gameplay support has improved over the years, but it’s still apparent that most of Apple’s devices weren’t designed with gaming in mind. Even though modern games are technically functional on Macs, users have reported experiencing frame rate difficulties and, in some cases, even having to resort to using an external GPU to get optimal performance.


Ubuntu, one of the most well-known operating systems for Linux, is gradually expanding its presence in the gaming industry. Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux are the three most popular operating systems, although Ubuntu is likely the least powerful.

Fortunately, game support is expanding, and in the future, Linux and Ubuntu may offer a secure haven for avid gamers. Other components of Linux, such as Lakka, can effectively mimic console games.

Final Thoughts

Today, choosing the best gaming OS is crucial. Users should always compare the OS they’re buying to understand and explain it fully. Therefore, you can get the best OS to improve your games. Also, compatibility tests check a software’s performance throughout all platforms. You’ll have a terrific experience no matter where you are.

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