Is Mac the Best OS for Digital Marketing?

Is Mac the Best OS for Digital Marketing?




There are two technological behemoths in the computer world or the best OS that have dominated the market: Mac and PC. There is a great deal of confusion surrounding Mac and PC, which we will attempt to dispel in this article. Personal Computer is the abbreviation for it. Microsoft Windows has long been the dominant operating system on personal computers. As a result, if you use Windows, the likelihood is that you also own a PC.


A Mac can also be considered a Personal Computer. In contrast to conventional PCs, Mac hardware and software are a single company manufacturing “Apple.” We will discuss numerous other distinctions between a Mac and a standard PC. Therefore, if you’re unsure whether to go with a Mac or a PC and want to find the best computer for you, this article is for you.




How Do Macs and PCs Differ?

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Here are the top 10 differences between Mac vs PC:


1. System of Operation 


One of the most pervasive distinctions between Mac and PC is the operating system. Mac computers that run on the “OS X” operating system. By contrast, the vast majority of personal computers run on the “Windows Operating System.” Because the Mac Computer’s entire hardware and software are designed and manufactured by a single company called “Apple.” As a result, it gains tremendous stability.


On the other hand, in a personal computer, the majority of the hardware is proprietary. As a result, the machine becomes less stable in comparison to the Mac. Another critical point to note is that you can run any operating system (OS X, Windows, or Linux) on a Mac computer via software such as VirtualBox, Parallels Desktop, or VMWare Fusion.


Mac OS X, on the other hand, cannot be run on a personal computer. There is no support for Mac OS X here, which is one of the disadvantages of using a PC.




2. Hardware alternatives


If you use a PC, you will have greater control over your machine’s hardware. You can assemble your computer by combining components from various manufacturers. However, when using a Mac, they are limiting the options severely. You are not permitted to use hardware from any other brand. As a result, you must use only Mac-compatible hardware. Therefore, if you want future flexibility and the ability to upgrade your computer quickly, a PC is the way to go.



3. Mac vs. PC Software


Historically, there was a perception among Windows and Mac users that Windows was exclusively for business purposes. At the same time, it reserves the Mac for creative professionals such as photographers, videographers, and graphic designers.


However, the types of work that Mac and a PC can do are becoming increasingly similar. This was only possible as the developer community grew in recent years. Nowadays, both platforms have a plethora of software available. With advent of Cloud Software (such as Gmail, YouTube, and Dropbox), anyone can access the software regardless of the device or platform used. Because Windows is much more popular and has a more extensive user base than Mac. And as a result, developers give Windows OS priority over Mac OS X.


Thus, when any piece of software is released to the market. More than likely, you will only see the Windows version of that software. However, if that software proves successful, it will be ported to Mac OS X. Thus, Mac users may face a software shortage in comparison to Windows users. Another significant distinction between Mac and PC is that most Windows software is available for free. On the other hand, the majority of Mac software is paid.




4. User Interface


Both the Mac and the PC have an excellent user interface. However, if you’re the type of person who dislikes tinkering with or altering the interface of their machine and wants to get the job done. Then Mac is the platform for you. On the other hand, a PC is better suited for more complex tasks, as you can customize Windows or Linux OS and gain greater control over your device than you can with Mac OS X. Both the PC and the Mac are incredibly user-friendly, and you will have no issues with either platform’s usability.




5. Mac vs. PC Gaming


The other significant distinction between Mac and PC is in the area of gaming. When it comes to gaming, Windows is an undisputed winner. The vast majority of games are made specifically for the Windows operating system. There are numerous reasons for Windows’ popularity among gamer. Among them is the popularity of the Windows operating system, the availability of hardware options, and ease upgrading with a PC’s hardware. Therefore, if you are a die hard gamer, you should opt for a PC.




6. Market Position


Around 90% of the market is dominated by the PC, while the Mac dominates the remaining 10%. Mac Computer’s popularity and market share continue to grow over time. However, when it comes to market share, Windows is currently the clear winner.




7. Security on a Mac vs. a PC


According to net market share, Windows OS controls 87.56 percent of the operating system market share, while Mac OS X is used on only 9.54 percent of computers.


Since Windows is far more popular than Mac OS X. As a result, hackers primarily target Windows operating systems, and the number of viruses created for Windows is significantly greater than the number of viruses designed for Mac OS X. On a Mac, it is not possible to install software from an entrusted source. On the other hand, software from an unknown developer can be easily installed on a PC.

As a result, the likelihood of acquiring malware on a PC is significantly greater than on a Mac computer. Apple develops both Mac’s hardware and software. As a result, Mac is more stable and secure than PC. Therefore, if you are concerned about security, a Mac computer is the way to go.



8. Communication and Touch


A Speech Recognition Engine called “Cortana” in Windows and a Voice Assistant called “Siri” in Mac. Both are highly efficient and accurate when it comes to voice recognition. When it comes to the touch feature, Windows has done an outstanding job, and a large number of devices now support the Touch Screen feature via the Windows Operating System. Mac, on the other hand, does not yet support Touch Screen. Therefore, if you value the Touch feature, stick with a PC.



9. Customer Service


Because Apple is the company that develops all of the Mac computer’s hardware and software, as a result, troubleshooting and resolving issues or errors on Mac is significantly easier. Each city has multiple Apple Stores, and Mac Customer Care is also quite good. Typically, Apple offers its customers the option of resolving their issues via one-on-one audio or video call. As a result, Mac users will have no issues contacting Customer Support. However, this is not the case with a PC, as different companies manufacture the hardware and software. As a result, you will encounter a slew of issues in the event of a hardware or software failure.


Few PC manufacturers can compete with Apple’s Customer Support. However, keep in mind that Apple’s Customer Support is not free (only the first 90 days are), and you must pay for your Apple’s Customer Care appointment.



10. Cost of a Mac vs. a PC


Price comparison between Mac and PC is unjust. This is because Mac offers fewer hardware and software options than PC does. The variety of hardware and software available to PC users is enormous. Unlike PC users, Mac users are unable to assemble the computer themselves. Consider your alternatives before making the switch to a Mac for business.




Consider These Critical Issues Before Switching to a Mac for Business. 

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As appealing as it may appear to use a Mac for business, consider the following critical points before making the switch:


  • Collaboration on Files:


Previously, transferring files between a Mac and a PC was a time-consuming process. Thankfully, those times have passed. Numerous Mac applications now support the opening of files created on PCs and vice versa. You should have no difficulty transferring files between systems, even more so if you utilize a cloud storage system.



  • Connecting Macs and Pcs to a Shared Network:


Connecting your Macs and PCs to a network is simple. Most office networks are indifferent to whether you plug in a Mac or a PC (or whether you connect wireless) – but you may need to work with your IT provider to set up shared drives and resources.



  • Utilizing standard applications:


If you’re considering making the switch from a PC to a Mac, Apple’s Boot Camp software can assist you in running Windows on your Mac. However, there are only a few instances in which you will be unable to locate a Mac version of your Windows software.



Should I use a Mac or a PC for business? Is it irrelevant?


Nowadays, the difference between a PC and a Mac is minimal. As we migrate to cloud-based applications that make file sharing across multiple platforms simple, any distinctions are fading. As long as you have an internet connection and a web browser, you can log in and access the tools necessary to complete your work. It makes little difference what type of hardware you use.






Numerous factors must be considered when determining which operating system is superior, Mac OSX or Microsoft Windows. It’s critical to understand your employees’ and company’s needs before deciding whether investing in Macbooks and iMacs is worthwhile. Numerous businesses have discovered that purchasing a mix of devices works well for them. If you’re still undecided between Macs and PCs, consider purchasing Apple computers for the design team working with the high-tech software available. On the other hand, those who use a desktop to access their emails, write text, and go online will benefit most from a Windows device.

As a result, It all comes down to individual taste and financial constraints with Microsoft office. Thus, Whichever computer you choose, you must ensure that it is entirely secure. While Macs appear to be less susceptible to cyber threats, this does not mean they are completely safe. Endpoint security, regardless of the operating system, is critical for any business.


Anyway, if you are interested in owning an Office Software product, Microsoft Softvire USA is a good place to start. Deals are constantly being offered, and they provide excellent service to their customers.

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