Which server software is right for your business

Which Server Software is Right for Your Business?

After purchasing hardware components for your server, the most confusing decision is choosing the right software to run your business. The right choice should give you server functions that can maximize the full potential of your business.

Today’s businesses require full collaboration with your team to achieve their goals. The work requires sharing of confidential files, editing data, and communicating with one another. You can do it with a stand-alone personal computer, transfer data in a USB flash drive, and insert it into another pc. But is there another way to be more efficient when it comes to working?

Servers are powerful hardware needed to achieve an efficient collaboration process. Likewise, the hardware should also run with robust server software to withstand any demands and pressure from your work and still give excellent results.

Here are the top 5 server software to assess and choose which one is right to use for your business. 

1. Microsoft Windows Server Essential


Microsoft Windows Server Essential is a trusted brand when it comes to server software. It prides itself in its powerful media streaming features, daily image-based backup for users, and an intuitive way to manage your whole server system. In addition, you can restore files or your entire PC and remotely support it on your desktop. 

These features are actually providing a way for businesses with distributed teams consisting of both in-office and remote workers. Having a secure server software enables seamless collaboration in real-time. It elevates the way your team operates and serves the needs of your client.

The server software by Microsoft is by far the most widely-used home server. Microsoft has made its name the most trusted brand for software since it has invested a lot with its software development. In return, they have made applications with the best user experience. Additionally, the server software being introduced is the best among the listed brands.

 Microsoft Windows Server Essentials 2019 is suitable for a home-based business with multiple user PCs. The server allows you to share, connect, organize and protect all the data files in one single location.

In this time of the pandemic, where a lot of high-performing businesses are moving online, the competition is as tough as can be. You need productivity tools that can help you meet the demand of a very demanding post-pandemic economy. When customers see that you are able to provide real-time service with not much glitch, you can increase your conversions and revenues. To ensure this level of service, you need top-of-the-line software from the most trusted companies, and you can be sure that Microsoft is one of those.

The server software by Microsoft is by far the most widely-used home server. Microsoft has made its name the most trusted brand for software since it has invested a lot with its software development. In return, they have made applications with the best user experience. Additionally, the server software being introduced is the best among the listed brands.

Microsoft Windows Server Essentials is suitable for a home-based business with multiple user PCs. The server allows you to share, connect, organize and protect all the data files in one single location.



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2. Linux / Unix Realm

, Microsoft Softvire US

Linux became a famous alternative to Apple and Microsoft operating systems in the 1990s. It became such a rave because it is open-source software and it was purposed to give free education for under privileged kids in Africa.



  • Portable Operating System:

The operating system is easier to read, understand, edit, and transfer to other hardware servers.

  • Multi-Tasking Operations:

Unix is a robust multi-tasking server operating system. The server can handle active and background applications.

  • Multi-User Capabilties:

UNIX is capable of a multi-user system to help a group of users at the same time. The system enables sharing of processing capabilities and peripheral resources. Also, at the same time, the server provides excellent security features in the whole operation.

  • Hierarchical File Structure:

UNIX stores data in a hierarchical file system. The structure groups data in a way that mirrors the information in raw form. The system is easy to maintain and has effective implementations.


Unix Servers are commonly used in database and application servers.

Furthermore, available UNIX tools make way for outputs to be used as input tools for other users. You can create a significant number of useful applications by integrating several tools in your UNIX operating system.

4. FreeNAS Home Server


FreeNAS home server software include:

  • File transferring
  • Data Security
  • Encryption: create file passwords for added protection against theft or loss.
  • Replication and Snapshots: The server software can get snapshots from the filing system and review them later. The snapshots will assist in using the files at the locations where the snapshots are taken.
  • Web interface: The server features an intuitive web interface with maximum capabilties and simple working procedures.
  • Backup services


FreeNas is a server software that enables a unified portal for easy access to information.

The server software can be installed on any available hardware platform. You can install FreeNas as your home server software for protection, storage, and backup for all your files.


  • Free premium with maximum function
  • It is a pre-built operating system
  • You can run the system using an HDD or USB flash drive
  • Improves work collaboration
  • Versatile system
  • RAM requirement to run is low (96MB)
  • Limit-free storage

5. Ubuntu



  • Smart Scopes

  • Ubuntu One install login

  • Keyboard language selector

  • Compiz performance improvements

  • In-Dash payments

  • Kernel 3.11

  • Radeon UVD support

  • LibreOffice 4.12


Ubuntu server is one of the leading server software that supports file sharing, media streaming, and data backup needs.


The server software is widely known for its user-friendly experience and automatic installation process that installs its components with ease. Ubuntu features a host of apps to incorporate into your working server network.


Clients can troubleshoot problems quickly through the Ubuntu ADvnatege Service program. The program will give users direct access to talk to Ubuntu Experts with their high-class customer service.



  • Responsive Customer Service

  • User-friendly

  • Portability

  • Fast and straightforward to use

  • Versatile functions and Secure

ClearOS Community Logo, Microsoft Softvire US

6. ClearOS home server


The Home server software is a low-cost, easy-to-use hybrid server. Because ClearOS is an open-source platform, you will not only be able to use all of its features, but you will also only have to pay for additional tools and services that are tailored to a specific requirement.


  • 80 languages available
  • Easy Installation and Use
  • Option to Purchase for apps you only need
  • Developing App Store

Amahi Home Server

Amahi Server - Softvire USA


  • Be able to Stream all digital media to all devices in your network.

  • Storage Pooling allows different disk drives to merge and appear to work like they are in one pool of disk storage.

  • Abe to create your VPN

  • Auto backup mechanism

  • Easy Sharing of files between computers in your network. Monitor who can access the shares, who can see them, and who can edit them.

  • Regular Disk Checks. Be able to monitor the health status of your disks.

  • Active DNS. The software includes a dynamic DNA that can be used for every function you like, including a web server or creating a remote workspace.


Amahi’s home server makes an excellent fit for setting up a server that fits both experts and newbies. Setting up requires less technical effort and time. The Amahi server is also jam-packed with additional applications that can help enhance your server experience.


  • The price is free. Nothing to pay for.
  • Security. Amahi is rooted in Linux, thus making it very strong when it comes to security
  • Compatibility to any platforms
  • 20 available working language


  • You have to buy some plugins
  • Only supports PCs with a 64-bit processor
  • The Amahi website needs improvement. The Amahi App Store is not easy to navigate. Searching for apps gets mixed up with active and inactive states which are is grueling.

Conclusion: Choose the Best Server Software for Your Business Now

If you want to reach your business KPIs, you will need the right tools and processes to make sure that your business thrives. When it comes to your company’s digital infrastructure and assets, you need to have a strong foundation of the best software and platforms where your business will truly thrive. The right processes lead you to achieve the best results in terms of sales, repeat orders, retention, and a loyal following among your customers.

By far, the most trusted name for server software is still Microsoft. The cost of the software is proving more than worth it because it streamlines a lot of clients’ server needs along with its 24/7 cloud-based support. It is also very consumer-centric, continuously upgrading its systems to keep providing meaningful user experiences. When it’s from Microsoft, users are ensured with a quality service they can trust. And lastly, if there are hiccups in the process, the total force of customer support is available to assist you.

In these changing and challenging times, most workers and students are staying at home. Therefore, you need software that can meet the demands of school, work, and businesses, anytime, anywhere. Thankfully, Microsoft knows your needs. It provides the best productivity tools for every kind of family or business. You can easily tackle different scenarios and demands in the new normal.

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