what free blogging tools can you use for business

What Free Blogging Tools Can You Use For Business?

It might be comforting to know that there are free blogging tools available for you to use in your business website.

Business blogging is not your typical creative writing of using pen and paper as tools. The first thing a blogger needs to know is the sole purpose of writing- and that is to promote a business – online or offline. The globalization of the business industry has given a lot of benefits for businesses, but it has also presented challenges today. Grueling competition between businesses and various demands has pushed marketing efforts to their limits. Furthermore, the pandemic has shifted the courts for businesses to run using the internet, thus, a bustling business content on the web. 

That is why bloggers should know essential tools for their content to be relevant and visible on the internet. Even so, it is possible to acquire helpful tools to help in creating your content for your business.


Listed below are blogging tools you can use for free for the different stages in your blogging process:


STAGE 1: Planning


1. Google Keywords Planner

A great free feature to start researching keywords you can use depending on the type of business or niches you are currently writing. Even with its limited SEO functions, the feature is still a great way to plan for the topics you need to write for your business. Thus, having a good set of keywords will help you have an SEO-friendly article.

Before getting the keywords, you need to enter your business information and its services or products. After, Google will suggest related keywords you can use. The results will include the volume of searches carried out for that topic. Results will help you ensure that the keywords you will use are a sought-out topic. The keywords will also help you rank at the top of the search engines. 


2.  Answer the public

Another free blogging tool you use in writing a blog is the website called Answer The Public. The fantastic website will give you a visual result from questions most people search on the internet called a “search cloud.” The image consists of prepositions ‘how’, the 5 Ws, ‘can’, ‘will’, ‘which, ‘are’,

Despite not being an ultimate SEO tool, Answer the public is a strategic starting point for questions from searchers to drive more readers to your blog.



3. Quora

qora The website is a high-ranking community on the internet where it has a forum-like structure. The structure lets people ask and answer questions. 

The opportunity to find the questions of real people can be a great suggestion on what topic to write about thoroughly. Follow and search for keywords that you can focus on in your blog. 




4.  Keywordtool.io

In each of the searches you do, Keywordtool.io is incredibly able to give you 750 long-tail keywords. The website is very reliable due to its fantastic up-time. There is a premium to get the whole function, but you can still use it for maximum results even with its free version.

The free blogging tool is comprehensive, easy to use, and assists in looking for precious long-tail keywords. Undoubtedly, the app should be one of your business website’s primary tools used in your blogging and SEO.


STAGE 2: Creation


5.  Google Workplace

google workplace Clearly, blogging demands secure and fail-proof blogging tools to schedule, store files and compose your articles. A perfect cloud-based blogging tool is the Google workplace

Using your Gmail account, use the entire features of google suite products. Namely, Google Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, etc. Not only are these tools handy when blogging about your business, but it is also free to use.

As an example, Google Drive will enable you to upload, store, and share files. Being cloud-based, you can access any file anywhere with any browser. Google Docs will enable you to compose your articles and will be automatically be saved in your drive. You can also access your files anywhere using your google account to edit the documents or sheets.

Other features like the Google calendar can easily incorporate your mobile devices to keep activities and schedules up to date.   



canvaCanva is undeniably the best complementary blogging tool to have ever existed. In this world of visual people, graphic content is king. You can have intelligent words on your blog, but readers can lose interest in reading through your blog without enticing pictures.

Graphic designing is a complex skill that Canva has made simple. You can create beautiful designs and images in this web-based application. Moreover, the designing process will drag and drop to the right places for images to look stunning.

 For people who do now know much about previous graphic designing tools like Photoshop, Canva can make it look like that you know.


7. Focus Booster

The desktop app is free to download. Focus Booster helps improve productivity by using the Pomodoro technique. The technique is a famous time management principle that splits work sessions into 25-minute intervals. There will be 5-minute breaks between each interval that allow you to relax and get ready to work again.

The Focus Booster app is programmed to follow the Pomodoro technique with settings you can adjust. Users have positive reviews of the app since it immensely helped them with writing disciplines, increasing productivity, and reducing distractions. 


8. Grammarly

grammarlyGrammarly is a blogging tool with free and premium functions. The app makes sure that the overall article you are writing is grammatically correct and easy to read. 

Moreover, the app’s algorithm finds potential issues with the text and makes suggestions best fitted to help improve grammar, usage, and spelling.

Furthermore, you must note that readers lose interest when they realize that the article they are reading has grammatical errors. SO, having this app is a tremendous help for having an article free of errors. 

 Grammarly ensures that everything you type is not only correct but also clear and easy to read.

Grammarly’s algorithms identify potential issues in the text and make context-specific suggestions to help with grammar, spelling and usage, wordiness, style, punctuation, and even plagiarism.


9. Plagiarism checker from Search Engine reports.net

The free blogging tool is best used to check whether your blogs’ contents have segments already written in other articles, or other words, plagiarized. 

Plagiarism Checker is a straightforward and candid tool to be used. You copy the article in the text box and press the “check for plagiarism” tool. The app is very keen on flagging plagiarized words or sentences in the article. The flagged sentences can then be seen in a summarized report for you to check or rephrased.

So, plagiarism-free content will improve the credibility of the text because almost all countries have legal repercussions. 

STAGE 3: Optimization



free blogging tools google anaylticsThe free blogging tool makes it easy to understand how your overall site and visitors engage with your blogs, so you will know any need for improvements or which one to optimize. Monitor how users are engaging with your website by viewing reliable reports. 

In addition, relying on analytical data can eliminate tedious hunches and help you know, decide and improve more effectively. Having data as a reference, you can execute strategies to have engaging topics that your target audience wants.



blogging toolsThere is an edge for Street-smart writers in our digital age. Researching valuable tools to help improve the quality of the contents of your blog can significantly affect the appeal of your contents. Also, having the free blogging tools mentioned above is enough for you to write competitively in this SEO-dominated digital industry.


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