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Microsoft Project Standard 2019

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SKU: SVMO-01-07

Leverage the best project management tools available in the market and stay on top of whatever project you are working on, no matter how many there are. Track progress and productivity no matter where you are with the latest Microsoft Project Standard 2019. Packed with powerful tools and features to help you start, track, and finish your projects smoothly and efficiently. With a wider view of your project, you can now make the smartest decisions that will help in your team’s profitability. So stay organized and updated with Microsoft Project Standard 2019!

Microsoft Project Standard 2019 Product Highlights:

  • Automated features for tracking the productivity of your team.
  • Picture projects across multiple timelines for more informed decision-making
  • Collaborate with your team more conveniently through an online platform
  • Real-time project updates
  • Supports only Windows devices.

Work can be overwhelming for a project manager who handles multiple projects at the same time. But now, you can make life easier with a reliable tech tool called Microsoft Project. The standard edition is equipped with all the basic tools you need to help you get started quickly on your projects with ease. It comes with pre-designed templates and tools you can use for easier and faster scheduling. All the basic tools you need to keep your team on a good productive level are already here!

Microsoft 2019 Project Standard is definitely the best project management software that small teams and businesses can find in the market. Tracking project progress and member activities is a breeze with it.

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Built-in templates

Sometimes it’s difficult to start organizing your projects and keeping everyone in the team on the same page. But with the built-in, customizable templates in the Microsoft Project software, you can with ease! This software gives you the right tools too to help you get started on the right path on your first project. There’s no more need for guesswork. No need to create project formats from scratch. You’ll even get a guide on how to write your project tracker the right way.

Efficient Scheduling

Microsoft Project comes with advanced scheduling tools to keep your projects on track. Give your members an easy time determining their daily tasks and goals so they can align their activities to achieving them. The schedules can be viewed across many timelines, helping project managers to get a better view of the project status and to strategize for tomorrow.

Manage Resources

Microsoft Project has all the tools you need to help you create project schedules with the resources available in your organization.

Make Smarter Decisions

By having a week-long view of the schedule and what’s truly happening in your team, you can make smarter decisions that will boost your productivity. Track progress in real-time and see who’s working or not or identify who’s performing poorly so you can take proper actions.

13 reviews for Microsoft Project Standard 2019

  1. Ayush Gray

    When I used it, the greatest thing I noticed was that its interface is quite similar to an Excel spreadsheet, and it has an amazing customizable UI. It operates on lighter rigs, as well as Microsoft’s confidence. Gantt/Progress charts and multi-handle users on the web are simple to use.

  2. Zion Baker

    A great customized user interface is the first thing I noticed when using it. It runs on less powerful PCs and has Microsoft’s backing. Using Gantt charts and multi-handle users is easy online.

  3. Jordan Lacey

    It operates on lighter rigs, as well as Microsoft’s confidence.

  4. Rick Jason Matsunaga

    This is so sophisticated and comprehensive in many ways that Microsoft Project fits not only highly specific businesses but also it is simple to use due to the numerous Progress charts and multi-handle users on the web.

  5. Jolina Moresittly

    Easily keep track that every project you’re working on, no matter how many there are, with the best project management tools on the market. This is something I strongly suggest to all of my coworkers.

  6. Rey Tabangay

    For a businessman like me, this is terrific since it inevitably means I can finally make the best decisions that will help my team’s profitability increase and become more productive.

  7. Kyle Smith

    It’s jam-packed with useful tools and features that will help you start, track, and complete projects quickly and easily. And because of this it allows me to do more and complete my assign task in a matter of minutes. 

  8. Max Xurbaner

    Automated features are in for tracking your team’s productivity, perfect for our project.

  9. Herman Yusaef

    For better decision-making, visualize projects across multiple timelines.

  10. Carmila VIna

    Use an online platform to collaborate with your team more easily.

  11. Sammy Saban

    Project updates in real-time
    It only works with Windows devices.

  12. Markee Mendoza

    Visualize projects across timelines to improve decision-making.

  13. Jessel Layderos

    Easily collaborate with your team online.

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