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Microsoft Visio Standard 2019

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Microsoft Visio is a reliable diagramming and flow chart software that can help you present in a more efficient and appealing way. Communicate complex data to your team in a more organized and understandable way with custom-made texts, shapes, and colors. Automatically update your data when you link your diagrams with Microsoft apps like Excel, Sharepoint, and SQL Server.

Microsoft Visio Standard 2019 Product Highlights:

  • Create complex diagrams quicker and easier than before with custom-templates, shapes texts
  • Use subprocesses to create manageable sections of data
  • Link diagrams to outside resources like MS Excel and automatically update data
  • Supports only Windows devices.

Simplify complicated diagrams. No coding is needed. Large complicated diagrams can be streamlined with Sub-processes and Containers that can group shapes together in a visually logical way. Visio 2019 is the latest edition of Microsoft’s visualization and diagramming software. With the Microsoft Visio Standard 2019, you get to create professional diagrams that immediately say what they mean. So make your work life easier with it!

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Complex Diagrams Made Easy

Custom shapes are available in Microsoft Visio so you no longer have to exert so much effort in creating shapes for your diagrams forms scratch. It allows you to group shapes together in a visually logical way. It also has the Sub-Process Creation feature that lets you create and present complex multi-page diagrams in a simpler way while keeping all the key information you need.

Stylish Color Palettes and Effects

Style your professional diagrams too so they would still look enticing on your presentation. The pre-defined palettes and effects are there to save you time on manually designing your diagrams. Use on a single page or an entire document with just a single click!

Visual Communication Options

Organize your diagrams and present it with more appealing look through custom graphics and colors that will better represent your data. A wide variety of templates and shapes have been added to help you quickly assemble the flowcharts and diagrams you have in mind.

Make Your Data Live

Connect Microsoft Visio with other MS apps like Excel, Sharepoint, and SQL server for added resources that are necessary for your diagrams and flow charts. Let these MS apps update your data automatically too so you can minimize errors and double entry

Effective Communication Features

Several users can collaborate on a single diagram at the same time. Team members always have a real-time view of what other members are working on. These parts of the document are clearly marked and there are communication features to contact them without even leaving the desktop.

2 reviews for Microsoft Visio Standard 2019

  1. Paisley Haigh

    I like MS Visio’s different degrees of complexity. It streamlines the process mapping I previously developed without the need for specialized software.

  2. Sienna Hicks

    It was an amazing software for creating mockups and technical ideas, with many “out-of-the-box” functionality that let you stay focused on the concept rather than locating the right image.

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