Microsoft Windows 8.1

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Get more work done faster with Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional. With improved multi-tasking abilities and a streamlined interface designed for a more natural workflow, Windows 8.1 should be the secure operating system of choice for your workstation.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional Product Highlights:

  • New Start Screen features are familiar but more flexible
  • Multi-app auto-fit features allow you to do more on one screen.
  • Touch support lets you navigate your system easier.
  • Supports up to one device.
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Get enhanced features with Microsoft Windows 8.1 pack that help you connect to company networks, access one piece from another, encrypt your data and more. Plus, get Windows Media Center.

Organize your files and shortcuts like you’ve never done before in previous version of Windows with Windows 8.1 Pro. The Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro product’s key features revolve around giving you the power to watch, play, and work the way you want to – all in just one PC. Windows 8.1 Pro also includes all the software download improvements you would need coming from Windows 8 Pro.

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Multi-Window Mode

Microsoft has included a new feature in Windows 8.1 to enable easier multitasking, allowing users to run apps side-by-side on a single screen. So, for instance, clicking on a picture within an email will launch the image in the photo app alongside the Windows 8 mail application. Similarly, tapping a link in an email will open the Web page in Internet Explorer in a separate window alongside the Mail app. The ability to run multiple apps simultaneously will also improve, with snap views so you can see more than two apps on your screen and resize those apps, rather than having one main and one docked app as in Windows 8.

Improved Windows Store

The Windows Store on Windows 8.1 will emulate Google Play and Apple’s App Store, with lists of top free apps, new apps and top picks right on its homepage, so you don’t have to dig. Microsoft promises to give more info about each app, so you know exactly what you’re getting before tapping Download, and a related apps section gives more options.

The familiar Windows experience

Even with the new Start Screen setup, you still get to access all your programs and files through the familiar Windows user interface we all know and love.

Touch enabled lifestyle

Aside from traditional mouse and keyboard setups, Windows 8.1 Professional supports the use of a touch interface. Navigate your apps and folders quickly and naturally with this touch-screen enabled operating system from Microsoft.

Access anywhere 

Download all your important files to your phone, tablet or PC using SkyDrive. The new Microsoft account feature also allows you to share your personalizations to any other device running Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional.



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27 reviews for Microsoft Windows 8.1

  1. Ishmael Scott

    Window 8 was one of the most powerful operating systems available at the time. It was a well-designed software with both basic and advanced capabilities. As a beginner, I started my design career using Windows 8, which was simple and engaging to use.

  2. Dominica jill

    This window help me alot in my computer works, it works so fast and so smooth.

  3. Diane Nathalie Fletchers

    I’ve tried many anti-virus packages throughout the years. I keep coming back to Panda because it’s easy to set up, and it works when you need it to work.

  4. Eleonora Fang

    My experience with Windows 8.1 after buying a full version has been a positive one. Initially, I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, and it did not work so well. After receiving my full version of Windows 8.1 quickly, I found the installation process smooth and fast. I have had no troubles with the new installation, and I like the Windows 8.1

  5. Janeth Craigs

    With Adobe Acrobat Pro, I can now easily signature all the documents in PDF format without hassle-free, and I can export it from the browser or mobile devices

  6. Stephen Jay

    The lastest upgrade has given a smoother experiecne comapred to other versions. Hopefully Microsoft will continue to upgrade the versions.

  7. Adele Douglas

    The operating system is reliable and full of useful functions. It never fails to deliver the best results.

  8. Soliel Srent

    This window greatly assists me in my computer’s operation; it is extremely fast and fluid.

  9. Frendel Chua

    This window help me alot in my computer works, it works so fast and so smooth.

  10. Nick jess

    This window has greatly aided me in my computer work; it is extremely fast and fluid.

  11. Brenda Joss

    This window has greatly aided me in my computer work; it is extremely fast and fluid.

  12. Ricky Rim

    I’ve been working with Windows Servers for a long time, and the product has progressed enormously. The software is used to run everything from simple applications to mission-critical business applications across the organization.

  13. Mika Jory

    The operating system is dependable, and it is packed with important features. Never fails to produce the best outcomes on a consistent basis.

  14. Amelia Lee

    The most recent upgrade resulted in a more seamless experience when compared to previous versions. Microsoft, hopefully, will continue to enhance the versions.

  15. Junkun Wang

    An office and school operating system. The version is a hit with my family and I, a great upgrade indeed.

  16. Rudy Roseburn

    Window 8 was a powerful operating system at the time. It had both basic and advanced features. As a beginner, I used Windows 8, which was easy to use.

  17. Gabriel Hege

    Window 8 was a formidable operating system at the time. It had both basic and advanced features. As a newbie, I started designing with Windows 8, which was simple and fun.

  18. Janine Berdsina

    My tests on the same PC showed Windows 8 to be twice as quick as Windows 7. With Boot Camp on a MacBook, Windows 8 started faster than Mountain Lion. Also, in some performance tests, Windows 8 outscored both Windows 7 and Mountain Lion. Sure, Microsoft has worked hard to make Windows 8 run faster. And super satisfying on my part.

  19. Antonette Madrigal

    New Start Screen features are familiar but more flexible so amazing for us working mom.

  20. Antonette Madrigal

    so nice for us working mom that New Start Screen features are familiar but more flexible and is good also for the beginners.

  21. Eve Lawnerstin

    These Multi-app auto-fit features allow me to do more on one screen. And can let me work in a multitasking way.

  22. Joanna Jane Tangerez

    Touch support lets us users navigate our system more accessible. And don’t have to panic about the flow of the system.

  23. Brian Moore

    Navigate apps and folders quickly and naturally with this touch-screen-enabled operating system from Microsoft. I’m so amazed because, as a freelancer, it can make my day hassle-free.

  24. Rhea Doquero

    More on one screen with Multi-app auto-fit features. And multitasking capabilities.

  25. Gloria Wargel

    Touch support makes our system easier to use. Fear not the system’s flow.

  26. Sharelyn Dalawampoh

    Microsoft’s touch-screen-enabled operating system lets you navigate apps and folders naturally. A freelancer, it can make my life easier.

  27. David Greene

    The user experience is good, although the window sometimes lags and launches apps slowly. Future updates are more user-friendly and have increased usability.

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