MS Exchange Server 2019

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Exchange Server 2019 is Microsoft’s proprietary mail and calendar server software. Exchange Server 2019 comes with a number of security updates when migrating from Exchange 2016, hence making it a better on-premise server option.

MS Exchange Server 2019 Product Highlights

  • Enables external access to Exchange admin center (EAC) and the Exchange Management Shell to be blocked natively
  • Employs dynamic memory cache allocation to optimize memory usage for active databases
  • Prevents attendees from forwarding meeting invitations
  • Provides end-users with additional Out of Office options
  • Enables administrators to cancel meetings that were organized by a user who has left the company
  • Enables administrators to assign delegate permissions
  • Enables email addresses that contain non-English characters to be routed and delivered natively.
  • Digital license
  • Unlimited Device per User License
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. Purchase doesn’t include physical components such as USB/CD/DVD or a box.

MS Exchange Server 2019 updates will put more stress on security and less on the functionalities department. The ultimate goal is to ensure a consistent on-premises experience. The CU updates with potential functionality changes will be separated from security updates so that admins can decide what to implement. It brings in some new features to the mail and calendar server, including improvements when it comes to security and performance.

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Meta Cache Database

If you have your own (physical) server and equip it with SSD drives, you can use the Meta Cache Database (MCDB) on Exchange 2019. MCDB is already used in Microsoft 365. With this method, meta information is stored around the mailbox (for example, the folder structure). This accelerates access and search and gives administrators the option of accommodating more users in one server instance. This in turn, can reduce costs.

Dynamic Database Cache (DDC)

Dynamic Database Cache (DDC) also makes the Exchange Server faster. Administrators specify how much storage space a database can occupy on an Exchange Server. However, the number of active database changes resulted in poor utilization because available storage remains unused. In Exchange 2019, DDC allows the allocated storage capacity to dynamically adapt to the situation.

Search Index

Microsoft has completely rebuilt the search index in Exchange 2019. In earlier versions, the index was separated from the mailbox database. This is no longer necessary in the new version of Exchange Server. The search index is now located directly in the mailbox database. This makes the administration much less complicated and also increases the speed of the search.

Calendar Extensions

Exchange 2019 also provides the end-user with new functions, all related to the calendar. With the “Do Not Forward” function, users who have created a meeting specify that invited users are not allowed to forward this invitation. This allows the creator of the event to retain control over who is part of the meeting. In addition, Exchange Server 2019 gives users more options to create an Out of Office message: If you are not in the office for a certain period of time, you can block your calendar for that period. This includes automatically rejecting meeting requests for this period.

E-Mail Address Internationalization

Something else interesting for end users: Email Address Internationalization (EAI) ensures fewer problems when sending emails in a global context. International email users are no longer restricted to the limited ASCII code (based on the English alphabet). Instead, the extended UTF-8 can be used. To achieve this, the address had to be converted in earlier versions of Exchange. This is no longer necessary. In Exchange 2019, EAI allows email addresses with international characters to be used.

Unified Messaging

For some companies, this is not an important problem: As of Exchange Server 2019, Microsoft will no longer continue their Unified Messaging (UM) service. In previous versions, the server offered extensive voice mail functions. If you don’t want to miss out on these features in the future, you will have to switch to another service. Microsoft itself is dropping UM in favor of Skype for Business, which has a similar range of functions. Cloud voicemail, which can then be accessed with Skype for Business, is an integral part of Microsoft 365, Microsoft’s SaaS solution. Accordingly, companies are to switch to the cloud service.

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5 reviews for MS Exchange Server 2019

  1. Merryn Ray

    Microsoft Exchange is well suited for any organization that uses or plans on using Microsoft products. Almost all versions of Office come with the Outlook client, which sets up the expectation that those organizations will also use Exchange, whether Online or On-Premise, for their service side needs.

  2. Jess Molloy

    Microsoft Exchange is ideally suited for businesses with knowledgeable and skilled personnel in managing an Exchange system. 

  3. Karan Eaton

    I would recommend this to anyone looking for a cloud-class solution for a premises environment where you would have sovereignty/control of your data.

  4. Jake Brown

    IT professionals who work with Microsoft products will find Exchange useful. Almost all Office versions include the Outlook client, implying that enterprises will utilize Exchange for service-side needs, whether Online or On-Premise.

  5. Luciano Mullins

    I like how easy it is to use. I use Excel, Word, or PowerPoint daily, so staying in the same system makes it easy to share with my employees, coworkers, and family.

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