SQL Server 2017 Standard Cal (ESD)

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SQL Server 2017 Standard is a full-featured database software used by numerous organizations and professionals who need integrated solutions, applications, and technology in conjunction with their data. Get it today and manage your data and digital activities the way you want – on-site, in the cloud, or a mix of both.

SQL Server 2017 CAL Standard Product Highlights:

  • Integration of applications
  • Data mining
  • Analytic tools and services
  • This is a digital license
  • This product includes 5 Client Access Licenses (CAL)
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Disclaimer: This is a digital product. Any physical components like  CD/DVDs, USB, and boxes are not included in this purchase.

SQL Server Standard edition delivers basic data management and business intelligence database for departments and small organizations to run their applications and supports common development tools for on-premises and cloud – enabling effective database management with minimal IT resources.

SQL Server 2017 is the unified data platform that transforms your business. With SQL Server Standard, have access to one of the most powerful database server systems you can get today. Create complex data structure from where multiple applications can store and retrieve their data. In addition, SQL Server Standard’s powerful analytic tools help you monitor and maintain your organizations database servers for smooth operations.

Get the best prices for SQL Server 2017 download and retail box editions from the Softvire US online store. Downloading Microsoft SQL Server 2017 lets you create a seamless user experience for your applications is a guarantee.

Language and platform flexibility

Use the language of your choice when building modern applications. Do your work either on-site or through the cloud on Windows, Linux and Docker containers.

Assured Security

With Microsoft SQL Server Standard, keep your database secure with one of the least vulnerable platforms according to the NIST vulnerabilities database.

Monitor in real-time

Look into your activities for valuable information using real-time analytics at up to 1M predictions/second.

Mobile friendly data reporting

Send data to your mobile device for greater accessibility without the high price of other self-service solutions.



10 reviews for SQL Server 2017 Standard Cal (ESD)

  1. Dillon Esparza

    SQL Server 2017 Standard CAL Instant License from Microsoft is an excellent learning data storage and analysis basics. Even if the database is not linked to the server, it may be executed. It has a great data backup and security system.

  2. Dina Rogers

    With the SQL server, I get to oeprate my business in an effecient manner.

  3. Kath Norman

    It is easy to use and easy to deploy on several computers.

  4. River Farmer

    I can’t believe how quickly it is! We experienced an issue with our previous supplier before purchasing SQL. The people here in Softvire is lifesaver. I’m going to recommend this to everyone. Thank you!

  5. Darnell Downs

    Microsoft SQL Server is excellent data management, analysis, and reporting tool that helps in the day-to-day operations of a business. Its has robust features make data analysis simple.

  6. Adelia Gryfus

    Easy-to-use and with good performance.

  7. Shania Fuller

    I’ve had a very positive experience as I’m able to modify and organize documents in a clear way User friendly and allows me to modify Pdf documents. There is a decent selection of tools to choose from as well.

  8. Kaison Hook

    It’s a lot of fun to work with, and I highly recommend it. For years, the businesses where I have worked have focused on SQL Server, and my observations are that it confirms its expectations to be excellent.

  9. Jane Lopez

    I had a great experience because I can easily edit and organize PDF documents. There is also a good array of tools.

  10. Zoe Burton

    Online support is easily accessible, which is convenient. Database security is excellent and functions effectively for businesses of all sizes.

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