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SQL Server 2017 Standard

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Part Number: 228-11135

SQL Server 2017 Standard is a feature-rich database that lets organizations and professionals use integrated apps, solutions, and technology in conjunction with their data. Efficiently manage your data and computer activities exactly the way you want to – whether on-site, in the cloud,

or a mix of both! Get it on Softvire US today!

SQL Server 2017 Standard Product Highlights:

  • Integration of applications
  • Data mining
  • Analytic tools and services
  • This product is a digital license
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Disclaimer: This is a digital license. Purchase doesn’t include physical components like USB, CD/DVDs, and boxes.

SQL Server Standard 2017 transforms businesses with its impeccable unified data platform It gives your business access to one of the most powerful database server systems available today. With it, you can now start creating complex data structure from where multiple applications can store and retrieve their data. In addition, SQL Server 2017 Standard’s powerful analytic tools help you monitor and maintain your organization’s database servers for smoother operation.

Having Microsoft SQL Server lets you create a seamless user experience when accessing.

So be on SQL Server 2017 Standard starting today to experience greater server power and flexibility. Get it at the best price for download and retail box editions from the Softvire US online store.

Language and platform flexibility

Use the language of your choice when building modern applications. Do your work either on-site or through the cloud on Windows, Linux and Docker containers.

Assured Security

With Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard, keep your database secure with one of the least vulnerable platforms according to the NIST vulnerabilities database.

Monitor in real-time

Look into your activities for valuable information using real-time analytics at up to 1M predictions/second.

Mobile friendly data reporting

Send data to your mobile device for greater accessibility without the high price of other self-service solutions.

iSQL Feature

This essential tool enables users to perform interactive queries and build stored procedures, then view them in a graphical representation to display the steps the processor will use to execute.

5 reviews for SQL Server 2017 Standard

  1. Lilli Wolfe

    The SQL Server has a variety of features. It was a pleasure to work on, and it is much easier to use. Oh, and there are a few built-in features.

  2. Reece Mckeown

    It is beneficial for students since it is free; they can learn a lot about databases. If they have the money to spend, it is also better suited for organizations—which they should be, since it is easy and reliable, and it takes less time to master than other RDBMS. It is definitely a helpful tool for businesses involved in business intelligence.

  3. Nadia Wade

    It was a wonderful experience for me to dive into the product dashboard, look at the online training, and learn about the newest releases and features that let us stay on top of the latest capabilities available to check out and use.

  4. Mae Lewis

    Because it is free, learners can learn a lot about databases. It is also better useful for organizations if they have the funds, and it is easier to learn than other RDBMS. It is a useful tool for businesses who use business intelligence.

  5. Chloe Kemp

    I’ve been using Microsoft SQL server for development for almost two years and would suggest it to any business customer looking to save money.

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