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First,  here’s a short story about the company…

Softvire is a frontrunner in the online sales of different software. For nearly a decade, we have been an authorized dealer and a partner to many brands trusted by individual users and enterprises worldwide. Among our best-selling software is Microsoft. Furthermore, our blogs for Microsoft products are gaining significant presence online because they offer two basic things to readers:

  • Finding the best productivity software to make life convenient and efficient as a student, business owner, or household head.
  • Also, helping Microsoft users make the most of their software.

If you feel confident that you can write something similar to our blogs and you’re confident that you can do a good job at following our guidelines, then we’d love to publish your work!

How to submit

Our steps for submission and your ticket to approval are quite simple, so read until the end to increase your chance of getting published here at Microsoft Softvire US.

  1. Visit our blog section to find out the kind of topics and tone we use in our content. Some of the niches we accept include:
  • Office/Home/School productivity
  • Microsoft apps and software – review, tips, how-to guide, updates, comparison
  • Computer/mobile technologies
  • Other Microsoft related topics
  1. Second, choose a topic and send your Pitch to: writingteam@microsoft.softvire.com

Email Subject: Guest Posting at Microsoft Softvire US

  1. You’ll receive the full GUIDELINES via email once your pitch is approved.
  2. Then, write the best version of your blog topic. Be sure to check the content using grammar, readability, and plagiarism tools.
  3. Save your content on your Google Drive and submit it as a Google Doc. Grant access to softvire.seo@gmail.com as EDITOR. Note that we only review Google Docs.


  • All articles submitted will undergo a strict quality check by our editors.
  • By submitting your article to Softvire, you give us the copyright; hence we will consider it plagiarism when you republishing the same content elsewhere without our permission.
  • Furthermore, we have the right to reject pitches and submissions that do not meet our requirements for quality and relevance.

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